How I went from "the struggle" to helping other amazing women lose weight and build a life they love

Before I became a Certified Life and Weight Coach, I struggled with my weight and my emotions. 

I had just given birth to my first son. I was left with a bunch of weight to lose. And I felt lost, unsettled, and alone as a new mom with a tiny baby to take care of.

My emotions were out of control and they always led me back into the kitchen pantry to eat anything that would make me feel better.

One day, after a venting session with my husband, he said something to me that changed the entire trajectory of my life. He said, "Hunny, you really need to focus on yourself from the inside out." 

I was immediately upset and defensive. But after a few minutes, I realized he was right. So, I did the only thing I could think to do in the moment. I went into the Podcast app on my phone and searched the words "life coach." 

That one simple search led me to the answers I had been looking for. And inspired me to change my career to become a life coach.

My life began to change...

Losing my weight and creating emotional balance in my life was the best gift I've given myself and my family.

It took me just a few weeks to change my eating habits. And after that, weight loss became so much easier.

Then, it took me about a year to get where I wanted to be with my weight and my emotional life.

And it was completely worth it.

My lovely little family is thriving now because I found the help I needed to reach my weight loss goal and feel better from the inside out.

The best part is, I now have the honor and privilege of helping other women transform their lives, too.

Will you be next?


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