Q&A: How do I eat healthy at my friends wedding this weekend?

The Question

I'm going to my friends wedding this weekend. I've been doing really good with my plan and I don't want that to change this weekend but I also don't know what food will be served. How do I eat healthy at my friends wedding this weekend? 

The Answer 

Thank you for the question. The foundation of the weight loss work that I do is helping people create a new healthy lifestyle for themselves. I help people get out of the short term diet mentality and into the long term healthy lifestyle mentality. 

With that said, attending events such as weddings are a part of life for many of us. So, it's imperative we work them into our new healthy lifestyle and not be fearful of them. 

The first thing I suggest you do is to take a look at your beliefs about food at weddings. Remember, your beliefs are thoughts you've been thinking over and over again. They are your opinions. Not facts. So, take a look at your current beliefs, challenge them, and decide if you want to keep on believing them. 

I've got 3 questions for you to ask yourself:

  1. What do you believe about food at weddings?
  2. What are the lessons other people taught you (through their words or actions) about food at weddings? 
  3. What do you want to believe about food at weddings?

You may or may not know this, but I'm all about planning ahead of time. It's what I teach my clients and it's what I do in my own life.

Planning ahead of time will help you make better decisions because you'll likely be using the part of your brain that has your long term goals in mind.

So, after you've answered the questions above and you've gotten a clear picture of where you're beliefs are at, it's time to go to work and create your plan for the wedding. Here's 4 steps for you to take BEFORE the day of the wedding. 

Step #1: Investigate

Ask your friend what will served at the wedding. Or you can ask the catering company themselves if you know who they are. 

Do whatever you have to do to find out what food will be served at the wedding. Sometimes all it takes is a quick text message. 

Step #2: Brainstorm Potential Challenges 

Brainstorm all the potential challenges you may face at the wedding. This will likely include challenges you foresee with food and people. 

You know what I mean? 

Let's say chocolate cake will be served. And you know you'll want some. That is a challenge you foresee with food. 

Let's say your ex-best friend will be there. And you know you'll feel all kinds of crazy emotions seeing her again. Those emotions may make you want to eat everything in sight. That is a challenge you foresee with people.

Write them all down. 

Step #3: Create Your Plan

Make the decision ahead of time what you'll eat and how much you'll eat. 

If there's going to be chocolate cake and you want to eat some, that's fine. Include it on your plan.

Remember, we're not in that restrictive, short term diet mentality anymore. We don't fear foods like chocolate cake. But what we are going to do is make a decision ahead of time and write it down. 

Step #4: Create Your Backup Plan

Make the decision ahead of time what you'll do if things get too hard at the wedding. If you really want to eat a second piece of chocolate cake (that you didn't plan in advance). Or if you're emotions about seeing your ex-best friend are just too hard to manage. 

The backup plan I recommend is to create a short message or affirmation for yourself. Write it down on a piece of paper in advance and bring it with you to the wedding. 

If things get too hard at the wedding, excuse yourself to the restroom or find a quiet place to read it. Allow yourself time and space to process whatever you're feeling. And when you find that balance again, decide if you'd like to stay at the wedding or go home. 

The Wrap-Up

Attending weddings are a part of life. And they should be included in your new healthy lifestyle. 

Before the day of the wedding, make sure you investigate, brainstorm, create your plan, and your backup plan. This will help you show up for the wedding fully present and focused on the things that matter most to you. And you'll be ready for anything else that comes your way. 

You can do this. 

Thanks again for your question. I hope my answer helps you.

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