Q&A: How can I get my husband to stop coming home with junk food?

The Question

My goal is to lose 30 pounds and I've been trying to do that for a few years now. I've tried a few diet programs which all seemed to work in the short term. But then I gain the weight back (and sometimes I gain more than when I initially started).

I can't help but feel like it's my husbands' fault. He comes home from the grocery store with junk food all the time. We constantly have ice cream, cookies, crackers, and all that bad stuff in our house so of course I'm going to eat it.

He knows I'm trying to lose weight but he's not helping me at all. I don't understand why he does this. How can I get my husband to stop coming home with junk food?

The Answer 

You asked, "How can I get my husband to stop coming home with junk food?"

The answer is you can't. 

And this is GREAT NEWS! 

The world we live in is filled with opportunities to eat junk food. Maybe we go to work and someone brings donuts in. Maybe we go to a cafe to meet friends for coffee and there's croissants at the checkout. Maybe we're home and our neighbor stops by with cookies for us. 

It doesn't matter where we are or what we're doing, opportunities to eat junk food are around. We cannot change this. And we most certainly cannot change our husbands.

(If you ever figure out how to change your husband, make sure you report back to the rest of us with what you did!) 


Your husband coming home with junk food is not the problem. And you can't control that.

Here's what you can control:

Your thoughts are optional.

Your thoughts cause your feelings.

Your feelings fuel your actions and inactions. 

Your actions and inactions produce your results. 

Notice that everything starts with an optional thought.

So, I recommend you get intentional about what you think about your husband coming home with junk food.

The next time your husband brings junk food home, take a minute and do this exercise: 

  1. Write down your husbands' name. 
  2. Describe how he's making you feel when he comes home with junk food. 
  3. Describe why you think he has the power to control your feelings in this way.
  4. What's the thought you're thinking that's really causing this feeling? 
  5. Can you see that it's the thought and not your husband causing this feeling?
  6. What are some alternative thoughts you can think instead about your husband coming home with junk food?

Thanks again for your question. I hope my answer helps you.

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