I Do This For 5-10 Minutes Everyday

I used to think this was a waste of time. 

I used to get annoyed when I thought about it. 

I used to not do this one thing because I didn't think it would change anything for me. 

But I wanted to lose weight and I wanted to get control of my emotions. 

I eventually got to the place where I would try anything. 

So, I did. I gave it a try. 

I started to coach myself for 5-10 minutes everyday. 

And little by little I started to become aware of what was happening in my mind. 

It became clear why I wasn't losing weight and why I was on an emotional rollercoaster everyday.

Doing the work to coach myself everyday has been the best investment of time I've ever experienced. 

And I realized that I wasted way more time thinking about how stupid this is and not doing it...than I do with 5-10 minutes a day of actually doing it. 

Does that make sense?

Getting all the drama out of my head once a day allows me to take an honest look at what's going on inside of me. And without judgement, I can rebalance myself everyday. 

It's my gift to me.

Coaching myself for 5-10 minutes everyday has had a huge impact on my weight, my emotional life, and everything else. I am so grateful to have learned how to do it. 

If you want to learn how to do it, read How To Coach Yourself and give it a try.

It's your gift to you.

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