The Holidays At My House

What do the holidays mean to you?

I'm fascinated by how differently we all think about the holidays. 

Some people love the holidays. Some people don't care about them. And others fall somewhere in between.

Before I became a Certified Coach, I dreaded the holidays. I felt that dread on the day of the holiday and a few weeks leading up to it. It was like 8 weeks of feeling straight-up dread.

The dread came from thoughts like this:

"I don't want to overeat this holiday but I know I will."

"I know they'll pressure me to overeat."

"I don't know what to do if I'm not overeating." 

"I'm going to be an outsider if I don't overeat." 

"I'm not going to connect with anyone if I don't overeat." 

I had tons of mind drama about the holidays for like 8 weeks of my life, every single year. That's about 15% of my entire year. 

That's straight-up craziness! 

After I became a Certified Coach, I decided to work on my relationship with the holidays. And I actually started to look forward to the holidays. 

I realized that every year I started at Point A, which was about 8 weeks before the holidays. And every year I ended at Point B, which was the day of the holiday. 

And I realized that I can choose to think and feel anything I want from Point A to Point B. I wanted to feel excited about it, instead of dread. 

So, I started to think about the holidays in a new way. 

"This is going to be fun."

"I will stick to my meal plan." 

"I have no expectations for this holiday." 

"I'm excited to connect with everyone."

"I'm excited to share everything that I've been up to." 

"I'm excited to learn about everything they've been up to."

Becoming a Certified Coach has helped me see how powerful my thoughts are. And when it comes to the holidays, I choose to think excited thoughts. Connected thoughts. And because I choose to think this way, it's exactly the result I get. 

What do you choose to think about the holidays?

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