How can a Weight Coach help me lose weight?

The Question

There's so many options out there to help me lose weight. I'm ready to get started with my weight loss goal but I don't know much about working with a Coach. I don't know if working with a Coach is the right choice for me. How can a Weight Coach help me lose weight?

The Answer 

Thank you for the question. I'm really glad you asked this because I'm sure many other people are wondering the same thing. 

I want to start by giving you a little background information on the coaching industry.

As I write this answer to you, coaching is an unregulated industry. Which means 2 things...

1. Coaches aren't required to be certified.
2. If a Coach is certified, he or she is trained in the materials and tools their respective school decides to teach them. 

All of this to say that the individual Coach you decide to work with may coach you in a way that's completely different than another Coach. So, I cannot speak for any other Weight Coach in the industry. I can only answer your question from my own perspective and experience as a Weight Coach. 

I am a Certified Life and Weight Coach. I was trained by The Life Coach School and I consider them to be the best school in the industry...though I admit I'm biased. 

The Life Coach School trained me in causal coaching. Which means I don't coach on surface level symptoms. Instead I go deep with my clients and get to the root cause of every issue. 

It's like this...

When you want to lose weight, many people focus on diet and exercise. They create a meal plan and they try to force themselves to stick to it. They find an exercise program and they try to will themselves into their exercise clothes everyday.

But this doesn't work for a lot of people. And that's because diet and exercise are surface level symptoms of being overweight. The root causes of being overweight are internal and much deeper. 

If you decide to work with me to achieve your weight loss goal, you'll learn about the root causes of being overweight. And I'll teach you how to solve for them by focusing on 3 main things: 


So, if that means you're eating hamburgers everyday, you'll continue eating hamburgers everyday when you start working with me. And then you'll make gradual changes to your food over time. Changes you're ready for in each moment. 


We don't overcomplicate the weight loss process at all. There's really only 5 steps to losing weight and that's exactly what we focus on. Here they are: 

1. Follow a sleep routine 
2. Drink enough water everyday 
3. Create and follow a food plan 
4. Track everything 
5. Coach yourself everyday


You've probably heard different numbers when it comes to changing habits. Like, it takes 30 days to change a habit. Or 60 days. Or 90 days. Or 100 days. 

I believe 30-100 days is a good range for changing a habit. It all depends on the little decisions a person makes everyday that leads to changing the habit. Little decisions everyday are everything. 

My coaching program is designed to guide you through the habit changing process in 14 weeks. I call it The 6 Stages of Losing Weight. Here's what they are: 

Stage 1: Learn
You'll learn what the root causes of overeating are. 

Stage 2: Plan
You'll create your weight loss plan. 

Stage 3: Apply
You'll follow your weight loss plan for 2 weeks without making any changes to it.

Stage 4: Practice
You'll practice your weight loss plan for 6 weeks while making adjustments to it. 

Stage 5: Master
You'll master your weight loss plan. 

Stage 6: Future
You'll continue following your weight loss plan and you'll start to think about your next goal. Have you always wanted to start your own business? Do you want to grow your family? Do you want to get a new job? Whatever your next goal is, you'll identify it in this stage and get to work on it.

The Wrap-Up

It's awesome that you're ready to get started with your weight loss goal. If you decide to work with a Weight Coach, remember that coaching is an unregulated industry. Coaches aren't required to be certified. And Coaches are trained differently depending on the school they earned their certification from. So, decide ahead of time what you want from a Coach. And make sure the Coach you decide to work with is aligned with what you want. 

If you decide to work with me, we focus on gradual changes over time, the 5 simple steps, and changing your habits through The 6 Stages of Losing Weight.

Thanks again for your question. I hope my answer helps you.

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