Q&A: What does a Certified Life and Weight Coach do?

The Question

I'm just curious, what does a Certified Life and Weight Coach do? 

The Answer 

Thank you for the question. I love that you asked me this because it's a great question and it'll be fun for me to answer it. 

Before I learned about the coaching industry, I had no idea what a coach did. And after I learned, it changed my life forever. Not only did I personally benefit from being coached (and still do), but now I am a coach that helps other people reach their goals. 

So whether you're just curious or you're interested in exploring coaching in a direct way, I'm happy you asked this question. 

I want to start by telling you that the coaching industry is not currently regulated. So, not all coaches are trained in the same way. 

With that said, I was trained on causal coaching. I was trained to get to the root of the problem and work on it from the core. And I love coaching clients this way because I believe it's where the magic happens.

The absolute best way to describe coaching came from my coach. Here's how she described it...

Picture you and your coach sitting on a couch together. There's a white board in front of both of you. Your coach is asking you questions and your answers are going on the white board. Your answers are your thoughts. And you and your coach are just sitting there discussing your thoughts. 

Now, as a side note, many coaches (including me) work with clients online these days. But sitting on a couch together is a great way to visualize the process. 

Awareness is the most amazing gift a coach can give you. 


Our thoughts eventually produce our results in life. So, if you can gain awareness of your thoughts then you can eventually produce the results you really want. 

Causal coaching helps you get to the root of any problem you're having. And the root of any problem is ALWAYS a thought.

After you've gained awareness of your thoughts, a coach will help you move towards the results you really want. And a coach will help you get to the finish line and reach your goals. 

What results do you really want in your life?

What's your goal? 

The Wrap-Up

You asked this question because you're just curious. And whether you're just curious or you're interested in exploring coaching in a direct way, I'm happy you reached out to me.

If you decide to take it a step further and work with a coach, I recommend you ask them about their training during your free consultation. Ask him or her if they focus on on causal coaching. 

Thanks again for your question. I hope my answer helps you.

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