[PODCAST EPISODE 1] The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Weight

Jul 30, 2020

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Listen to this podcast episode to learn The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Weight. You definitely won't want to miss this one if you think weight loss is hard, complicated, or there's just too many options out there. This episode tackles all of those obstacles and provides you with a simple strategy for reaching your weight loss goal.


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Welcome to the Weight Loss Before and After Pregnancy Podcast. The place you’ll get simple strategies you can apply to your life today to start losing weight. Strategies that’ll help you reach your goal, move on with your life, and focus on the things that matter most to you. I’m your host, Certified Life and Weight Coach, Andrea Scalici. Let’s get started.

Hey everybody. Welcome to episode number 1.

Today we’re gonna talk about The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Weight.

But before we do, I just wanna acknowledge that this is episode number one. Our first training together. I could spend the entire episode telling you about who I am and how I help women lose weight. But I’m not going to do that.

I’ve decided to just dive right into the nitty gritty of this podcast. And give you what you came here for. Which is a strategy for how to lose weight in a different way than the traditional diet. How to lose weight without relying on willpower. Without forcing yourself to eat salads or drink your lunches or anything else you wouldn’t want to do long term.

In all of the podcast episodes that you listen to from me, I’m gonna teach you exactly how to change your lifestyle in a way that feels authentic to you so you can lose weight and move on with your life. Because I know you have more important things to focus your time and attention on other than thinking about food and weight loss.

Now, as I said, I’m not gonna give you all the background on me. You’ll get to know me through this podcast. But I will tell you upfront that I’m a Certified Life and Weight Coach. And I’ve dedicated my work to helping motivated women lose weight before and after their pregnancies.

I love working with women during one of the biggest transitions in their lives...MOTHERHOOD. Because during this time, many women are inspired to lose weight, increase their self-confidence, and re-design their lives. And that’s exactly what I help them do. It’s what I did for myself. And it’s what I’m gonna to teach you to do in this podcast episode and all future podcast episodes.

With all of that said, let’s dive into today’s episode.

The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Weight.

Now, when I say the words, “5 Simple Steps,” what comes to your mind? What do you think about?

Maybe you think, “Weight loss is hard. It takes way more than 5 steps. What is this lady talking about?”

Or maybe you think, “Weight loss is complicated. It’s definitely not simple.”

Or maybe you think, “There’s too many options out there. Too many different programs, different methods, different diets. I don’t know which one to choose. I don’t know which one will work for me.”

If you’re thinking any of these thoughts, I want you to know, you’re not alone.

Many people struggle with weight loss because it is hard, it can be complicated, and there are a lot of options out there.

I’m definitely not gonna argue with you on any of those points.

But I want to ask you one question. And I want you to really hear me on this and answer the question for yourself.

Ok, you ready? Here it is.

So what?

I’m not making a joke here even though I laughed. Like, so what?

So what if weight loss is hard? You can do hard things. If you’ve had a baby before, which many of you have, that was hard. But you did it anyways. And many of you have done it more than once. Multiple kids. If you can go through the process of having a baby, then you can go through the process of weight loss. I know you can.

So what if weight loss is complicated? You’ve probably done things before that are complicated. Maybe you earned your college degree or an advanced degree. Maybe you worked through a difficult project at work or at home. Or maybe you had an issue with one of your kids that you had to figure out. Whatever it is for you, I’m sure you’ve successfully done something that was complicated. And I know you can figure weight loss out too.

You might be thinking, “But there’s too many options!” And I agree. Yes, there are a lot of options out there. Different programs, methods, diets. So what? Really, ask yourself that question, “So what?”

Your time is valuable. You’ve got a lot you want to accomplish in your life. So, spending your valuable time thinking about all the obstacles between you and your goal is not a good use of your time. It just isn’t.

All it does is make you feel defeated ahead of time, frustrated, confused, and maybe even apathetic towards your weight loss goal all together.

And when you feel these things, my guess is, you don’t feel motivated to go out there and make your weight loss goal happen. My guess is, you’re stuck in inaction, and just feeling defeated, frustrated, confused, and apathetic on a daily basis.

But the good news is, you don’t have to stay that way. Things can turn around for you. So, let’s talk about how that can happen.

Which brings us right back to The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Weight.

You are a smart, capable woman. And I know you already know exactly how to lose your weight.

If you’ve tried programs before, you already know what you like, what you don’t like, what feels authentic to the lifestyle you most want to live, and what doesn’t.

You know what you need to do and what you need to eat to lose weight.

That’s not the problem here. And it’s not where we’re gonna focus most of our time together here on this podcast.

But I do think strategy is important. And that we need to talk about it. Strategy is “The 5 Simple Steps.”

You’re probably so sick of hearing me say those words so let me just tell you what “The 5 Simples Steps” are.

Ok. Step number one. Following a sleep routine.

Step number two. Drinking enough water everyday.

Step number three. Creating and following a food plan.

Step number four. Tracking what food you eat and how much of it you eat.

And step number five. Self-coaching. Which is just a form of journaling or writing down your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. It’s a way for you to improve your mindset and process your feelings.

So, that’s it. Those are The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Weight.

Like I said before, you know exactly how to lose your weight. The real problem isn’t what to do to lose weight. The real problem is figuring out how to actually do the things you know you need to do.

How do you follow a sleep routine, drink enough water everyday, create and follow a food plan, track everything, and coach yourself or journal?

It’s like this. Before I found life coaching, I tried many ways to lose my weight. One of the things I did was create a meal plan for myself full of healthy foods. And I’d try to force myself to follow the meal plan I created. I tried to force myself to eat salads everyday. To stay away from hamburgers, tacos, and other things that I loved. But this forcing never worked. I always ended up back where I started.

If you can relate to this, I want you to know there is a solution. And that solution includes a combination of strategy and work on your mindset.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that strategy is like 25% of the solution and mindset is like 75%. So, if you’ve been focusing on strategy, that’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up over it. But it’s time to shift a bit and add mindset work to your life to compliment the strategy.

Your strategy, the strategy that I’m recommending to you, is The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Weight. And the mindset work is the self-coaching or journaling I recommend, you listening to this podcast, and even taking it a step further by hiring a Coach if you decide to.

Now, I’ve given you the strategy. The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Weight.

Step number one. Following a sleep routine.

Step number two. Drink enough water everyday.

Step number three. Create and follow a food plan.

Step number four. Track what food you eat and how much of it you eat.

And step number five. Coach yourself or journal about your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.

This is your strategy to lose weight. And if you follow it long enough, it’ll be something you continue doing after you’ve lost the weight. It’ll all be new habits you’ve formed which end up being your new lifestyle.

You’ve got the strategy. You’ve got your new lifestyle. And in upcoming episodes we’re gonna go deep on all five of these strategies. I promise you. So, don’t think I’m leaving you hanging there. We will go deep on all 5 steps.

But as for the mindset piece of weight loss, which I’m guessing is about 75% of the solution, I want to leave you with this.

This is only episode number one for us. Our first training together. I don’t want to give you too much and leave you feeling overwhelmed. So I’m not gonna get too deep into the details of mindset in this episode. Trust me when I say, we will spend most of our time together on this podcast talking about mindset. But in this episode, as we wrap it up, I will offer you a place to start with all of this.

Here’s where I want you to start.

When you start to feel an urge to eat something you know isn’t really going to get you to your goal, I want you to start to tune into yourself.

Try to figure out what you’re feeling in the moment. Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, worried, sad, or something else? What are you feeling in that moment?

When you can find the feeling, try to figure out what you’re thinking about. Are you thinking about the pandemic, racial injustice, your kids and what may or may not happen with school in the fall, or something else? What are you thinking about in that moment?

Tune into these things. And, a little word of caution here, when you do tune into these things, don’t try to change them. Don’t try to make yourself feel better. Don’t beat yourself up or judge yourself. Don’t shame yourself for feeling the way you do or thinking whatever you’re thinking.

Just look at this like discovery. In order to lose weight in the long term, you’ve got strategy and mindset work to do. This is just the beginning of your mindset work. You’re figuring it out. You’re learning.

Awareness and understanding is how you get started with doing just that.

So, like I said before, we will talk about each of The 5 Simple Steps in upcoming podcast episodes. And we’ll talk about the connection between weight loss and mindset in pretty much all future episodes.

This is stuff I work on with my clients inside my program, The 6 Stages Weight Loss Program. And it’s stuff I work on with my private clients individually. And I know this will be amazing work for you to do too.

Alright. That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this podcast. And if you did, I’d greatly appreciate if you left a review in Apple Podcasts. A 5-star review if you felt it connected with you. Leaving a review is a great way for more women to find this podcast and get the help they need. So, I appreciate you if you take the time to do that. Have an amazing week and I’ll talk to you in the next episode.

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