[PODCAST EPISODE 11] Losing Weight During the Holidays

Dec 17, 2020

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If you feel uncertain about losing weight during the holidays, answer the four questions in this episode. Once you do, you'll have your decision and you'll feel amazing about it. As a bonus, if you do decide to lose weight during the holidays, you'll get three tips to get you started today.


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Welcome to the Weight Loss Before and After Pregnancy Podcast. The place you’ll get simple strategies you can apply to your life today to start losing weight. Strategies that’ll help you reach your goal, move on with your life, and focus on the things that matter most to you. I’m your host, Certified Life and Weight Coach, Andrea Scalici. Let’s get started.

Alright. Hey everybody. Welcome to episode 11.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how different this year has been for many of us. From the changes COVID brought us, the changes the election brought us, protests, personal changes we might be going through, for me it’s getting pregnant and working my way around a preschoolers different schedule, and just being restricted with traveling or going out of the house. This year has definitely been different than any other year of my life and I know many of you feel the same way.

The holidays are no different. This year is way different than I’d normally spend the holidays. It’s not necessarily bad or good. It’s just different and not something I expected when we started this year out. But here we are.

And regardless of what’s happening differently this year, one thing remains the same. Most people put their weight loss goals on pause during the holidays. So today, while we’re in the thick of all these changes and the holiday season, I want to talk about losing weight during the holidays.

I’m not going to tell you that you have to try to lose weight during the holidays and I’m not going to tell you that it’s ok to put your weight loss goals on pause during the holidays. The choice you make, whatever you decide or have already decided to do, is completely up to you. There is no right or wrong. But I want to make sure you’ve thought it through and you like your choice, you like your reason. So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

To start, I’ve got four very simple questions for you to ask yourself. And your answers to these questions will determine if you’ll lose weight during the holidays or not and whether or not you like your reasons for deciding whatever you decide.

I’m going to run through these questions quickly and then we’ll come back to each of them and talk them through. At the very end of this episode, if you decide that you do want to lose weight during the holidays, I’ve got three solid tips that’ll get you started today.

Ok. Let’s jump into the questions.

Question one. Do you want to lose weight during the holidays? Why or why not?

Question two. Do you think you can do it? Why or why not?

Question three. What’s your decision?

And question four. Do you like your decision? Why or why not?

Very simple questions. But they might not have such simple answers. Let’s talk this through.

Question one. Do you want to lose weight during the holidays? Why or why not?

The answer to this question is personal. You answer it for yourself. You don’t even have to tell anyone what you think. Do you want to do it and why?

Some of you will answer no. Maybe you want to take this time to focus on other things. Cooking, your family, your job, just other things in your life. Maybe you want to indulge a little in the goodies and traditions your family normally does. That feels good to you and you don’t want to miss out on it. Totally up to you. Or maybe you feel like it’s been a tough year and you just want a break. A little time to not think about weight loss or the tough year you’ve had. A little down time, a little time to yourself.

But not everyone will feel this way. Some of you will answer yes. You do want to lose weight during the holidays. Maybe you’ve been working hard on your weight loss this year and you don’t want to give up now. You don’t want your weight to stagnate or the number on the scale to go up. Maybe it’s not worth it to you to stop progressing with your goal. Or maybe you haven’t been focusing on weight loss this year and you want to start now. You don’t believe in New Years resolutions so there’s no point in waiting for January. Just start now. Or maybe your holiday looks so much different this year than other years. Breaking traditions, breaking habits, creating change is something you’re totally into this year. So, losing weight during the holidays is one awesome addition to your list. Totally up to you.

Whatever’s going on for you, I urge you to think this question through. Answer it honestly for yourself. Then, move onto question two.

Question two. Do you think you can do it? Lose weight during the holidays. Why or why not?

Again, think this question through and answer it for yourself. I guarantee, if you do, you’ll uncover some limiting beliefs you might not even know you have about this topic. And you might discover that those limiting beliefs aren’t even logical anymore. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

From the time I was born until my late 20’s or so, I would go to my Grandparents’ house for the holidays every single year. My entire family on my Dad’s side would be there. They had beautiful decorations up inside the house, flowers, plants, presents, music, laughter, and food. Lots and lots of Italian food.

Pasta, meatballs, bread, soup, meat, potatoes, cookies, cakes, just everything you can think of that an American Italian family might have during the holidays.

If you were to ask me back then whether or not I thought I’d be able to lose weight during the holidays, I’d laugh and say definitely not. There’s no way.

My beliefs back then were these. Food equals family. Food equals fun. Food equals connection. Food equals the holiday itself.

If you don’t eat, if you don’t stuff yourself silly, then you’re doing it wrong. Family members will comment. They’ll ask you why you aren’t eating. You’ll get looks. Stares. Glares. You won’t fit in or have fun or connect with anyone or you won’t be celebrating the holiday itself. It’ll be just like any other day.

But my beliefs today are way different. I no longer believe that food equals family, fun, connection, or the holiday itself. But that’s because I asked myself the question, “Do you think you can do it? Lose weight during the holidays. Why or why not?” I answered that question thoughtfully and found out how closely my beliefs about food and eating a lot of it during the holidays were tied to my family and connecting with them and having fun with them.

And after I realized this, I was able to change my thinking around these topics, which opened up the possibility that I could lose weight or maintain my weight during the holidays. And I could do it while having fun and celebrating with my family, just in a new way.

So, ask yourself this important question. Listen to your answers. Find any connections you might be making between food and other things in your life, like family. And really give yourself the chance to decide whether or not you believe these things today. Whether or not you want to believe these things today. Then, move onto question three.

Question three. What’s your decision?

Will you lose weight during the holiday this year or not? It’s up to you what you want to do. Either way, be strong in your decision. Then, move onto the final question, question four.

Ok. Question four. Do you like your decision? Why or why not?

Don’t skip this question. It’s gold.

If you decide not to lose weight during the holidays this year, do you like your choice and why? Does your choice bring you relief in the moment but long term disappointment? Does your choice feel right to you for where you’re at in your life at this moment? Or does your choice feel comfortable? Like something you always would have chosen for yourself because you don’t like to feel uncomfortable.

Answer this question honestly for yourself. Out of all four questions, I’d say this one is probably the most important.

Now, after you answer all four questions, if you don’t feel amazing about your choice, then go back and answer all four questions again. Be true to yourself with your answers. Consider your short term goals and your long terms goals.

If you do feel amazing about your choice, whatever it is, then you can move forward with certainty and confidence. No lingering emotions about this. No wishy washy feelings. Just certainty and confidence.

After you answer all four questions, if you do decide to lose weight during the holidays this year, I’ve got three tips for you. Are you ready?

Tip number one. Create your plan.

Your plan can include the things you’ll eat and drink, like any regular meal plan would. But it definitely also needs to include work on your beliefs. Take a look at all the limiting beliefs you uncovered while answering the questions in this podcast episode. And work through understanding them during the holidays. If you don’t, what you do in terms of planning food and drinks, won’t feel authentic to you. It won’t feel real, like yourself. So, plan the food and drinks, but also plan to think through any limiting beliefs you have about losing weight during the holidays. This will help you align your thinking with the actions you’re taking, the food you’re eating.

If you need help creating a plan, go back and listen to my podcast episodes one through six. They’ll set you up nicely with a detailed and simple plan that includes everything we talked about here.

Ok. Tip number two. Take action and practice your plan.

Just because you create a plan and start to follow it, doesn’t mean you’ll be perfect at it from day one. And actually, maybe you’ll never be perfect at it. And that’s ok. Practice. Take one step at a time. Give yourself room to do something new, follow a new plan, create new beliefs, lose weight during the holidays when you didn’t think it was possible before. Practice your plan.

As you practice, also put into action my tip number three. Which is the most important tip I can ever give you for losing weight.

Here it is. Tip number three. Never beat yourself up. Always support yourself. Empower yourself. Be your own best ally.

This tip is true for every aspect of your life. But most definitely it’s true for when you’re trying to lose weight.

If you don’t have your own back, if you don’t prop yourself up during this process, and always, everything you do will feel hard.

Creating a plan will feel hard.

Taking action and practicing the plan will feel impossible.

And when things feel hard or impossible, people tend to give up.

But if you learn to have your own back, to empower yourself, to never again say another bad thing about yourself, no matter what, then you’ll be in the best possible position to actually have success with weight loss and weight maintenance. 

Years ago, way before I became a Certified Coach, I tried again and again to lose weight. I’d create a plan. I’d start to follow the plan. I’d practice it. But I’d always give up on it days later, sometimes weeks later. And it was always because of the same reason. I didn’t have my own back.

I’d leave myself mean notes when I woke up in the morning that were meant to motivate me to exercise and eat well that day. But really, these mean notes were me beating myself up, making myself feel terrible, and making myself feel like I wasn’t empowered, like I couldn’t lose weight on my own. It was a terrible cycle. 

But the moment I learned to let go of all those negative things I thought about myself, was the moment I started losing weight, and feeling emotionally strong on the inside.

I’ll never forget how amazing that one little switch inside of me felt. And I want you to feel it too. So, never beat yourself up again. Just decide right now to let it all go.

You are perfect exactly as you are. And that means making mistakes, not being perfect, being a human being, not a robot. It means sometimes being messy and not having all the answers. And being ok with all of it. You are perfect exactly as you are.

Alright, that’s it for now. I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with joy, love, and confidence in your decision. I’ll talk to you in the next episode.

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