[PODCAST EPISODE 26] The 30 Day Goal

Apr 08, 2021

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Listen to this episode to learn how to create your 30 day weight loss goal. The approach I share with you in this episode helps you take a holistic approach to this so you can create real habit change for yourself. Now is the perfect time to do this.


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Welcome to the Weight Loss Before and After Pregnancy Podcast. The place you’ll get simple strategies you can apply to your life today to start losing weight. Strategies that’ll help you reach your goal, move on with your life, and focus on the things that matter most to you. I’m your host, Certified Life and Weight Coach, Andrea Scalici. Let’s get started.

Hey everybody. Welcome to episode 26.

Today we’re going to talk about the thirty day goal.

I was inspired to talk to you about this because of a business mastermind that I recently joined. So, I joined a business mastermind and within there we’re all setting thirty day goals. 

Now, you would think that all of the goals would be around your business, since it’s a business mastermind, but that is not the approach that the person running the mastermind took. So, they’re looking at it as a holistic thing. They’re looking at it as thirty day goals for your physical, your mental, your professional, and your relationships. And I love this approach so much because you know I love holistic approaches to things. If you’ve heard me talk about the five simple steps before, then you know that’s exactly how I feel about weight loss as well. Weight loss is all about physical and emotional.

So it’s very important when you’re setting goals to take into account more than just the topic at hand. So for a business mastermind, it’s very important to take into account more than just business goals. For a weight loss goal, it’s very important to take into account more than just weight loss and the number on the scale.

So I joined this business mastermind and we’re setting thirty day goals. One physical, one mental, one professional, and a relationship goal. And by doing this it really inspired me to talk to you today about thirty day goals.

In this business mastermind, I’ve already set my thirty day goals in all the different categories I’ve talked about and I’m doing them. I’m actually taking action on them in the month of April 2021. So right now. I’m doing this every single day. And this, not only has inspired me to talk to you about, but one of the main reasons is I’m already in this, I’m already doing this, and I’m already envisioning the person that I’m going to become at the end of April.

We, often times, have a goal of some sort, like weight loss, and we think about what we’re going to be, or who we’re going to be, who we’re going to become when we’ve reached our end goal. Right?

So if we’re 200 pounds now and our goal is to be 130 pounds, we think about who we’re going to become when we’re 130 pounds. But we don’t think about all the little stops along the way. There’s so many different mile markers. There’s so many different little goals, little successes, that we could have along the way that are really important for us too.

They’re important for our growth as a person. They’re important for our success with the overall goal. They’re just extremely important.

Setting this thirty day goal with my business mastermind I imagine, if I do it every single day, which I am, who I’m going to become at the end of those thirty days.

Now, there’s one thing that they’re doing in this business mastermind that I would not recommend for you. And I’m going to talk to you about that as I talk to you about you creating your own thirty day goals, if you want to.

In the mastermind, if we don’t do all of the goals in one day, so it’s a loss for the day, we have to start all the way back at the beginning. 

So I have these goals. Physical, mental, professional, and relationship goals. Everyday for the month of April I’m doing them. But if I fail at one of those things on one of the days, I have to start all the way back at the beginning and start counting the thirty days from day one.

Now, that is awesome for the business mastermind. I’m not complaining about it. But that is not something that I would recommend for you, especially at the beginning of a weight loss goal.

If you want to create your thirty day weight loss goal, you could do it within the same categories that I’m doing within the mastermind. You could do a physical goal, a mental goal, a professional goal, and a relationship goal. You could do that. Or you could use the five simple steps to losing weight. What I’m always talking about on this podcast. Which is something I definitely recommend because the five simple steps to losing weight are kind of like my holistic approach to weight loss that focus on habit change. They don’t just focus on your weight or the number on the scale. They focus on true habit change inside of your brain so you’re not just using willpower to force yourself to do these things. You’re actually changing the lifestyle that you have for yourself. You’re actually making yourself want to do these things versus forcing yourself to do them.

Does that make sense?

So, if you have not heard it before, the five simple steps to losing weight. Step one, follow a sleep routine. Step two, drink enough water everyday. Step three, follow a food plan. Step four, track everything. And step five, self-coaching, which is your emotional, and you know, mental and emotional aspect of taking care of yourself.

I would recommend you set a goal for each of those five categories. And your overall thirty day goal is to reach for 80-90% success in thirty days. That is what I would suggest for you.

Ok. Let’s talk this through just a little bit.

Now, if you’re going to create your thirty day weight loss goals, and you’re going to use the five simple steps as your different categories of goal setting, think about each one individually. So it’s a separate goal. Each of the five simple steps are a separate goal for you.

The first one, a sleep routine, think about this, every single person requires a different amount of sleep, right? Eight to nine hours is kind of like the timeframe we hear a lot of people talk about, and that’s what works for me personally, but it doesn’t work for everybody. And your lifestyle could be different, you could have a newborn at home, like everybody’s life is different. So you think about your life and when you get the perfect amount of sleep, when you wake up feeling at your best, how many hours of sleep did you get that night?

Whatever that number is for you, should be your goal for the thirty days. So if you like eight hours of sleep every night, your goal for thirty days is to get eight hours of sleep every night.

Goal number two, drinking enough water everyday. Now, how much water do you want to drink everyday? Actually come up with the number in ounces. You know, maybe do a little research on it, a quick Google search and decide what that number will be and track it. So your second goal will be, “I’m going to drink X number of ounces of water everyday.” That’s goal number two.

Goal number three. I’m going to create a food plan and I’m going to follow it everyday for thirty days. So what is your food plan?

You can put whatever you want on it. You know, nobody is telling you that you have to eat salads everyday. No one is telling you that you have to drink a shake of whatever everyday. Like, you can put whatever you want on this food plan.

And if you’re very new to weight loss, I highly recommend you put food on there that you’re already currently eating. You know, you don’t want to try to push yourself too far at the beginning because that’s where it kind of goes wrong. A lot of people try to go from hamburgers and tacos everyday to salads overnight. And it just doesn’t work for them.

But if you’ve been trying to lose weight for awhile, or you’re more comfortable with weight loss in general, you can push yourself a little further. Right? You can have salad on your meal plan for a couple of meals a week. You decide. You decide the food that feels best inside of your body. But the food plan should be totally up to you.

What foods feel best inside your body? What foods feel best physically, and you know, mentally and emotionally to you? Those are the foods that should go on your plan. Start there for this thirty day goal.

So that’s your third goal, right?

Goal number one, sleep routine. Goal number two, drinking enough water. Goal number three, follow a food plan. 

Goal number four is tracking. Now don’t skip this one. A lot of people want to skip the tracking and I totally get it. I understand because sometimes we write down numbers, you know, we write down if we won or lost that day, we write down whether or not we ate according to our plan or not, we write down our weight, we write down all of these things, and if they’re not perfect, we make them mean something terrible about us as a person.

We make them mean that we’re horrible, we’re never going to get this, you know things are not perfect, and we make them mean all of these things that we don’t have to make them mean.

So for goal number four, your goal is to track everything for thirty days. Track whether you’re winning with the four other goals. Track whether you’re losing with the four other goals. And don’t make that mean anything about you.

Good or bad. It means nothing about you. A win is not good. A loss is not bad. Everything just is what it is. So track everything and work on your thinking about the things that you’re tracking. Work on your judgement about yourself with the things that you’re tracking.

Ok. And the last goal. The last thirty day goal. Goal number five, would be self-coaching.

Now, if you don’t know what this is, the easiest way I can explain it to you, is for thirty days, take five minutes out of your day each day and just write down all of your thoughts. Write down everything you’re thinking about in that moment. Get it all out of your brain and onto paper. And just start creating awareness for the things that are in your brain.

Now I want you to do this for thirty days, five minutes a day, and I don’t want you to judge yourself. I don’t want you to judge your thoughts. You know, we all have terrible thoughts sometimes. I’ve said this before. And we all have amazing thoughts other times.

Again, just like the winning and losing, winning is not good, losing is not bad. Or a good, quote-un-quote, a good thought is not great. And a bad, quote-un-quote, thought is not bad.

For thirty days, I just want you to do this for five minutes a day. Get all of your thoughts out of your brain and onto paper. And focus on not judging yourself and not judging your thoughts.

If you do this, if you create a thirty day weight loss goal, in the five simple steps, and you reach 80-90% success within thirty days, I want you to imagine where you’ll be thirty days from now. How will you feel physically and emotionally?

If you’ve gotten thirty days of amazing sleep. Thirty days of drinking enough water everyday. Thirty days of fueling your body and following your food plan, whatever that is for you. Thirty days of tracking everything and working on not judging the things that you’re writing down. And thirty days of emptying your brain onto paper and getting all of the thoughts in your brain outside and onto paper and focusing on not judging them. Imagine how you’ll feel physically and emotionally if you do this for thirty days.

Now, I don’t know what you’re thinking right now, but I can guess it’s probably something like, “I don’t have time to do this. Thirty days is a lot. It’s a big commitment. I don’t have time to do this.”

Is that what you’re thinking? If you are, I totally get it. But I want you to know that this is just a thought that your brain is coming up with right now. It does not make it true. Because getting enough sleep every night, and drinking the water, and following the food plan, and tracking, and self-coaching, it does not take up a lot of time.

It’s not that you don’t have the actual time for this because you do, I promise you do if you look for it. It is the thoughts in your brain, the obstacles that your brain is throwing at you to try to get you to steer away from this. And the reason it does that, which is completely normal by the way, is because your brain is trying to protect you.

When there is something new in our lives, when there is something new presented to us, our brains like to try to protect us from it because they like to keep doing what they’ve always done.

This is totally normal and it goes back to the time when we were cave people living in caves, right? Anything new was kind of a danger to our survival.

So now, anything new, our brain just automatically thinks there is a danger, but there is no danger to this. Ok. You have to tell your brain, “Ok. I get it. I hear you. But I don’t believe you anymore. This is something that’s good for my health. This is something that’s good for my mental and emotional energy. This is something that I want to do. And it really doesn’t take that much time.”

I mean think about this. Getting enough sleep every night, you come up with that number yourself. What is that number for you? Is it eight hours? Nine hours? Ten hours? Six hours? You come up with the number that you feel is best for you and your body.

Water, having a water plan, how much time will that take? All it takes is you coming up with the number, how many ounces of water you want to drink everyday, and then just measuring it out and making sure you’re drinking it. That’s about two minutes of your time.

The food is kind of the same thing as the water. You write down all the food that you’re going to eat, all the different meals, you go grocery shopping, you prepare the food, you eat the food. It really might only take you a couple of minutes a week.

Tracking everything, now that is something our brain will tell us is way too much time. But it’s really not. Tracking everything could take five minutes or less a day if you write it down after each meal or after each time you drink water, or whatever you’re tracking.

And self-coaching, that’s the biggest one that your brain is probably telling you to stay away from because it’s so new. It’s probably something you’ve never thought about doing before, or you’ve never done before, you know, it’s the biggest danger of all, so your brain says. So self-coaching, I’m only asking you to do five minutes a day. That’s it.

So if time is an obstacle that you’re thinking about, it’s really important for you to bust through those obstacles.

Now, as I said, I’m doing a different form of this in the month of April right now with my business mastermind. I’m not doing a weight loss version of this, because I’m eight to nine months pregnant right now, but I’m doing a different version of this in April. I’m eight to nine months pregnant. I’m doing this. I’m not letting time, or my lack of energy, or my lack of ambition right now get in the way of doing this. I am doing thirty day goals. So whatever you have going on in your life, you can do this too.

Again, just think about where you’ll be thirty days from now, who you’ll become, the person you will be, how you’ll feel if you do this and thirty days from now you’ve gotten 80-90% success. Or 100%, even better, right?

So think about this. You can do the same categories that I’m doing in the business mastermind. The physical, mental, professional, and relationship goals. Or you can do the five simple steps. Sleep, water, food, tracking, and self-coaching. Or you can come up with your own goals. I don’t care. But imagine who you will be in thirty days from now. Imagine how you’ll feel physically and emotionally.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited to be doing this right now. You know, spring is in the air. I can hear the birds chirping. The air is changing. The flowers are growing. All of the plants outside are starting to grow too. I can feel life really start to get energy flowing back into it. You know what I mean?

And this thirty day goal idea is the perfect time right now because whatever you want to work on in these thirty days, you’ll really start to get the energy, the flow, just like springtime does for us, to boost us. To really give us the fire we need before summer to just keep going with it.

So I hope you’ll think about this. I hope you’ll take action and do these thirty day goals. And if you do, I would love to hear about it. I would love to hear what your goals are. So send me an email, [email protected]. Or find me on Facebook or Instagram. I’m @mcccoaching. Let me know what your goals are. I would love to hear them.

Alright. I will talk to you soon. Have an awesome week. 

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