[PODCAST EPISODE 34] Andrea's Weight Loss Journey Week 2

Jul 08, 2021
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Listen to this episode to hear how week 2 went for me as I go through my own postpartum weight loss journey. This week was all about creating my weight loss plan - not just a meal plan - but a holistic plan for sustainable weight loss and (eventually) weight maintenance. I share my plan with you in this episode.


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Welcome to the Weight Loss Before and After Pregnancy Podcast. The place you’ll get simple strategies you can apply to your life today to start losing weight. Strategies that’ll help you reach your goal, move on with your life, and focus on the things that matter most to you. I’m your host, Certified Life and Weight Coach, Andrea Scalici. Let’s get started.

Hey everybody. Welcome to episode 34.

Today, I want to continue talking to you about my own personal weight loss journey. As I record this episode, I just finished week number two, and I learned some really interesting things.

One of the main things that sets my program apart from others, The 6 Stages Weight Loss Program, is that we don't start following a meal plan or an exercise plan or anything from the very beginning. Week number one, which I talked to you about last week, was all about learning the why, why I'm overeating, why it's so hard to lose weight, and then creating my big why for why I want to lose weight in the first place. So I did that last week. Then in week two, I'm still not taking action. I'm still not following a meal plan. What I'm doing is creating my plan.

I'm taking the time to set the stage for success, for long term success. And as you know, what I always talk about in this podcast is the five simple steps. So these are basically my weight loss plan.

Step one is to follow a sleep routine. Step two is to drink enough water every day. Step three is to follow a food plan. Step four is to track everything. And step five is to self coach.

So in week number two of my own personal journey, I basically put together a plan for all five of these things. And then there's this super secret step that I do, which is moving your body every day. And moving your body has a lot of benefits, not only to feel good, but also emotionally, it does have some emotional impact to us. And I'm a huge proponent of exercise or movement of any kind. I absolutely love it. It makes me personally feel good physically and mentally. And I know it probably has the same effect on you too.

So in this week, in week number two, I just finished it and it was pretty interesting. I put together my plan and everybody's plan is going to look different. So I'll share with you a little bit about the decisions I made in week two that I'm going to start taking action on in week three. But your plan will not look exactly like my plan and your plan will not look exactly like someone else's. Everybody should have a plan that's unique to them and their lifestyle and their body and what they want to do, what they're willing to do and commit to for the rest of their life. Not just this short-term diet, something that you're willing to commit to forever.

So here's my plan right now. My plan is, for step one, sleep, normally I function at my best, I'm at my best, if I can sleep nine hours a night. That's great. But I have a newborn at home right now, so I need to be realistic. I am not going to get nine hours of sleep a night. It's not going to happen, and that's okay.

So my goal right now with a newborn at home and a four and a half year old is to get five to six straight hours of sleep at night without waking up. That's how long my newborn goes without needing to eat, so that's my goal right now. So that means, for me, but I need to go to bed when he goes to bed at night. That's how I get those five or six hours of sleep every night.

For step two, drinking enough water every day, I have this one glass that I use, which I showed people on the Inside of Andrea's Weight Loss Journey, and if you want to get in there and take a look at it, you can register for free right now at www.mcccoaching.com/andrea. But there's this one glass of water that I'm going to use and my goal is basically to drink five glasses of those at a minimum every day.

And then step three, my food plan, I put together my food plan. It's all ready to go so when week three starts I can just literally wake up and start following my plan. I did all of my grocery shopping for it. I have all of my vegetables cut up and my meat marinated and everything's ready to just start when week three starts.

The cool thing about my food plan is that this first one is basically just mirroring what I've been eating. So it's got a lot of hamburgers on it. It's got some tacos on it. It's got some bread products on it. I have my one exception meal a week. It looks very similar to how I've been eating, and this is because, when I start week three I'm basically in stage three of my program and I'm going to be following this particular food plan for two weeks without changing a thing. So I want to set myself up for success. I want to follow a plan that's easy to follow, something that's not too far off from where I've been eating, and that will help me build momentum and get used to following a plan.

It's basically a habit change period of time. So the food that's on the plan, this first plan, isn't really a big deal. It's not like I need to go from hamburgers to salads every day. I say that all the time, but it's so true. So I'm using week three and four in the future to basically get myself to change some habits and get used to following a plan and tracking everything and all of that stuff. So my food on my food plan looks very similar to what I've been eating.

Now, step number four, tracking, I have a tracking worksheet that I like to use. It's one that I give my clients and it's one that you'll get if you register for Andrea's Weight Loss Journey. I took a look at that tracking sheet and I decided that there's nothing I want to change on there. It's exactly how I want to track everything. So I'm going to continue using that.

And then for step five self, coaching, I'm doing just the basics, five minutes a day minimum. So I'm going to be doing a thought download every day, and I'm going to be doing a model on one of those thoughts every day. And if you want to know more about that or see how to do that, I did a podcast episode. It was Losing Weight: Step 5. I think it was episode number six. You'll have to go back and check. And also, you'll get access to everything that I do within Andrea's Weight Loss Journey if you register there. You will see many examples throughout this process that I'm going through of my own self coaching, so I think that'll be really helpful for people.

And then when it comes to body movement, I just had a baby a few weeks ago. I'm not looking to get into some crazy exercise routine right off the bat. So what I'm doing is just stretching every day and walking every day. That's it.

And because it's really hard for me to get out for even a walk around the block right now, I've got my four and a half year old home and my newborn home almost every day, I can't take a walk with just my newborn. So I'd have to take my four and a half year old. And at the current time, he's running in the middle of the street and not staying near me. And it's totally normal for his age to be doing that, but I cannot keep him safe at this point. So I will not walk around the block alone unless my husband's there with my kids. I just can't keep them safe so I won't do that.

So what I have been doing is walking around my backyard. We've got to be able to be flexible and know that this is not going to look perfect. I'm in my backyard walking around in a circle while my newborn, he's either in the carrier on me while I'm walking or he's in the stroller out there with me, or he's in the house taking a nap. It just depends. And then my four and a half year old is usually running around the backyard around me or playing on his play set. It works. It's not a big deal.

I also decided personally to buy a treadmill. So at the time of this recording, the treadmill's going to be delivered on Friday. I'm really excited. We're going to put that together. We're going to put it in our basement where it's nice and cool. And we also have a little playroom down there, so my son can play while I'm on the treadmill. It'll be great.

So those were the decisions that I made in week two that I'm going to start taking action on in week three.

Now, another really cool thing that I did in week two is I went to see a pelvic floor physical therapist, Dr. Julie Berube, who I interviewed on this podcast before. And it was amazing. She talked to me about some of the issues that I'm having postpartum. She evaluated me for a few different things, but one specific thing is the mommy tummy.

And if you listened to that episode with Dr. Berube, you would know that the mommy tummy is just a nice little phrase for abdominal separation, or I think they call it diastasis recti. I probably totally butchered that, but diastasis recti, abdominal separation.

When you're pregnant and the baby is in your belly, your abs separate. I never knew that when I had my first kid, but with the second one, I was aware because I became aware of Dr. Berube through my midwife.

So your abs separate during pregnancy and when the baby is out, your body starts to heal, it starts to go back to "normal," what is normal. But sometimes the ab muscles don't come back together. I never knew this. And that makes it really hard to get strength back in your core, to tone up, to have that flat belly, even be a possibility. So seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist, they can evaluate you by basically just using their fingers on your stomach to see how far apart your separation is.

It's a noninvasive thing. She just used fingers in the middle of my belly, the top of my belly, and below my belly button. And so what she found was, in the middle of my belly, I have a two finger separation with my abs, the top of my belly, I have a one finger separation, and then below my belly button, there's no separation. So my abs came back together down there.

Dr. Berube gave me a couple of things to start doing, and I have two more appointments scheduled with her this month. So I'm going to be learning a lot more about how to build strength back up and get my ab muscles back together and my core tight so that I can pick up my baby and not be exhausted. Or run around outside with my four and a half year old and feel really good again and get that strength back. So I'm really excited about this.

And if you registered for Andrea's Weight Loss Journey or if you're a client in The 6 Stages Weight Loss Program, you're going to get all of these videos within there. So I definitely recommend you check them out. You can see what I'm doing with Dr. Berube. She's letting me videotape our appointments.

You won't get to see all of the stuff in the appointments. Some of that is private, but you will get to see a big chunk of it.

All right, so that's what I went through in week number two. I'm feeling really good. I'm definitely feeling a little bit of anxiety, a little bit of pressure, a little bit of anticipation for starting to take action on my plan in week three. That's all normal. Those are all normal feelings.

I think the pressure is coming from doing this live. I decided to do my weight loss journey live for everyone to see. So a little bit of pressure comes from my thoughts about that, but it's all good. These are all normal emotions that people feel. I'm still going to continue taking action. I'm still going to do my plan, do the work on my plan starting in week three.

All right, that's it for our episode this week. Again, if you want to register for Andrea's Weight Loss Journey for free, you can go www.mcccoaching.com/andrea. Register before August 21st and you'll get all of the videos to see what's happening over here with me and my own weight loss journey through my program.

If you're in The 6 Stages Weight Loss Program right now you do not need to register. You get all of this inside the portal. It's there now for you to see. At the time of this recording, you have week one and week two, because I'm currently going into week three, but you will get all the future weeks as I complete them.

All right everybody. I hope to see you in there and I'll talk to you next week on this podcast. Take care.

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