[PODCAST EPISODE 38] Andrea's Weight Loss Journey Week 6

Aug 05, 2021

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About the show:
Week 6 was a pivotal week for me in my own weight loss journey postpartum. I asked myself one important question and answered it honestly. And by doing this, I re-committed myself to the entire weight loss process. Listen to this episode and answer this question honestly for yourself. It'll help you get back on track, re-commit to your weight loss goal, and give you that motivation you need to keep going. 


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Welcome to the Weight Loss Before and After Pregnancy Podcast. The place you’ll get simple strategies you can apply to your life today to start losing weight. Strategies that’ll help you reach your goal, move on with your life, and focus on the things that matter most to you. I’m your host, Certified Life and Weight Coach, Andrea Scalici. Let’s get started.

Hey everybody. Welcome to episode 38.

I've got a really good episode for you this week.

So as you know, I'm in my own personal weight loss journey postpartum. I'm taking myself through my own program, The 6 Stages Weight Loss Program, and I just finished with week number six.

I've been documenting my entire journey every single day for you to see. You just have to register at www.mcccoaching.com/andrea. You can register by August 21st and see all of those videos for free. And so far in my journey, I've lost eight pounds. 

So I have a goal of losing about 50 total pounds and I've lost eight of them. I'm really happy with my progress so far. And I'm really happy with the way that I'm choosing to lose the weight. I'm doing it in a sustainable way. I'm focusing on very simple things.

One of the main things I'm focusing on, which I highly recommend you focus on too, is your mindset as you lose the weight because your mindset is going to make all the difference between, you know, feeling like weight loss is hard or feeling like it's doable. So I definitely recommend focusing on the mindset and that's the biggest portion of what I show you inside Andrea's Weight Loss Journey after you register.

But in today's episode, I really wanted to take one of the videos that I shot in week number six, inside of my journey, and share that with you. 

So at the end of the week, week six, day seven, I didn't evaluation of how my weight loss was going up to that point and the evaluation came out so perfect. It's so what I needed to hear at this point in my journey and it's so what you might need to hear in your journey as well. So I really want to just share this with you to give you that boost that you need, or that you might need wherever you are in your own personal weight loss journey.

So I'm just gonna stop this intro, hit play and let you hear all about my evaluation on week six day seven. All right. I hope you enjoy. And I hope you get a lot of value out of this. 

Today is week six, day seven. Today is critical. It's a very important day in your weight loss journey and my weight loss journey. Very important day.

So today is a evaluation day, but it's an important one, and here's why. We are in Stage 4: Practice of The 6 Stages Weight Loss Program, so we're practicing our plan.

Ok. We're not being perfect at it. We'll never be perfect at it. And that's okay, but we're still practicing. We're still creating habits and adjusting neural pathways in our brain. We're still reducing our hunger and desire for food. We're still practicing.

So we want to have a lot of compassion for ourselves as we do that. But, and this is a big but, we also wanted start to really get real with ourselves at this point in the journey. And you can probably see what I'm talking about.

So I did my evaluation this morning. Things are good. I'm still seeing my weight drop, but it's a very, very slow. Very slow. And I'm not in a rush to lose weight or anything, but it's a lot slower than I would anticipate. So that leads me to this question that I have to ask myself. "Am I taking half-ass actions?"

Now, this is really important. I am asking myself this question and I am not judging myself or making myself feel bad, but I am getting real with myself. "Am I taking half-ass actions?"

Now, there's a lot of different tones I could use when I ask myself this question. You use the tone that is most motivational to you. I want this question to be something you use to, you know, look at answer and move forward with, with motivation. Not something that's going to beat you down and make you feel like this is really hard because it's not hard. We're just asking the question.

For me, the most motivational way I could ask myself this question is strong, bold bad-ass type way. For me personally, I don't want to ask myself, "How you doing love? Are you taking half-ass actions?" Because that to me, wouldn't motivate me.

I need to be like, "Andrea, are you taking half-ass actions? Like, what are you doing?" So that's what I'm doing.

All right. These are the five simple steps. Plus the sixth one, that's like optional, movement or exercise. These are the only actions that I'm taking. Now go through each one.

Am I taking half-ass actions with my sleep routine? If I were to get real with myself right now at this point in the program at the end of week six, my answer is yes, I am taking half-ass actions. In order to get the amount of sleep that I need to get, I need to go to sleep when my baby goes to sleep. Well, when both of my kids go to sleep really. And I have not been doing that, let's be real.

I have been watching shows after they go to sleep with my husband all snuggled up in bed. That's what I've been doing. Some nights I do go to bed when they go to bed, but it's like a third of the time if I'm really being real about it.

So, ok, I know this. Do I need to adjust my sleep routine or do I need to start taking for-real actions, not half-ass actions? And for me, I'm going to say that I'm going to allow myself to have one show after my children go to bed. As long as the show starts before 9:00 PM. And that's it,. Then I end the show after the one and go to sleep. That's my new rule. Ok.

Am I taking half-ass actions with my goal to drink five glasses of water a day? Each glass is like 16 ounces.

Yeah. I'm taking half-ass actions. I am. In order to get five glasses in a day, I really want to drink two before lunch and three after lunch. And I am not getting two in before lunch. And I know it I'm aware of it all day long. I know I'm "behind" drinking my water, but I do it anyway. So yes, I am taking half-ass actions. It's time for me to recommit to this, re-invigorate myself towards this, and really focus on it.

So am I taking half-ass actions towards my food plan? Oh, this is a tough one. This is the one that I really want to lie to myself on. I really want to tell myself how amazing I'm doing on following my food plan. 

If I were to be real, I'm very happy with the amount of time that I'm following my plan. I am. It's like 95% of the time I'm following my plan. I'm very happy with that. The food itself, I'm going to adjust this week. Like I already told you, I'm going to take meatless meat products off of my food list and my weekly meal plan. And I'm going to adjust it that way. I'm also going to start to adjust down the quantity of food that I eat.

Before I got pregnant, I was eating two meals a day, which I loved my body felt really good with that. But I was also at, you know, at my ideal ideal weight at that point. So I'm not ready for two meals a day yet, but I am ready to adjust down. For example, when I have eggs on my list for breakfast, I'm going to stop making three eggs and I'm going to start making two eggs. So that's just an example. I'm going to start to adjust that it's down the quantity of food that I'm eating three days a week.

So back to the food plan. Half-ass actions. I am not overeating a crazy amount. I'm eating within that negative four to positive four on the hunger scale. I'm eating according to plan most of the time, but the way that my brain has allowed me to take half-ass actions or I've allowed my brain to take half-ass actions is the way the food is prepared.

So as an example, last night on my dinner plan was fish and vegetables. Ok. And normally I like to cook my fish in just a little bit of butter and kind of have it plain cooked on the stove. Last night, we got fried fish. Ok. And I'm not going to be scared of fried fish. I'll still have it in my life, but this is just an example of how I'm sort of easing my brain or my brain is worming its way back to bad habits. And I'm sort of taking half-ass action because I know fried fish is not the best for me, especially when I am focused on losing weight right now.

So yeah, I need to get real here and really look at this. And what that means is I might go back to my food list and my weekly meal plan and get more specific. More specific with like how things should be cooked. Exactly the ingredients that go in it, like the butter and whatever seasonings I put on there. I might need to get more specific because I'm allowing myself to add things here and there that I'm not even accounting for, if that makes sense. 

So yeah, I that's what it is, what it is. This is how the brain works. Nothing has gone wrong, but I am, you know, getting it reeled in at this point and back under control. Ok.

Am I doing half-assed tracking? No, I'm definitely not. I am tracking it exactly how I want to. I'm being honest on everything that I'm writing down. Very happy with the tracking that I'm doing.

Self-coaching. Am I taking half-ass actions with self-coaching?

If I were to get real at this point, yes, I am. I am doing that. I am getting it done as quickly as I possibly can without really sitting with myself and taking in what I'm writing down. So for me, that is taking half-ass actions when it comes to self-coaching.

It's not like I need to take half an hour every day to do this or anything like that, but an extra minute or two to like sit and focus and process as much as I possibly can without being like, you know, talking to my son or, you know, feeding the baby or talking to my husband. I need to be by myself in a room for five minutes to do my self-coaching so I can just focus on that. And so that is what I need to start doing for my own emotional and mental stability. Ok.

Movement and exercise. Am I taking half-ass actions when it comes to this?

Ooh, that's a tough one. You know, in some ways I am, I, oh, my voice just cracked. In some ways I am actually doing that.

When I'm doing my stretching, the Dr. Julie Berube stretches that she gave me, I am definitely like rushing through those and not really counting the full number of them that I'm doing. I should start tracking that a little bit better. And in terms of the walking, I think I'm doing pretty well with the walking. I'm definitely up to three or more days a week. And I am stretching almost everyday, like maybe five days a week. So I'm pretty happy with that. I can't say that I'm half-assing that too much. Just maybe start tracking Dr. Berube's exercises to make sure I'm getting the full sets in. So that's about it.

Ask yourself this question today. When it comes to all of these steps. Are you taking half-ass actions? And if you are be honest with yourself, don't beat yourself up, have compassion, but talk to yourself in a way that's going to motivate you and not just allow you to continue doing what you're doing.

You have a goal. I have a goal. We are the only ones that will make this goal happen for ourselves. And the way to do that is to just get real with ourselves. Ok. All right. I will see you tomorrow. When we start week seven.

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