[PODCAST EPISODE 42] Mix Up Your Routine

Sep 02, 2021
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During the weight loss process there may be times when you get bored of following a routine. Listen to this episode to hear how you can mix up your routine without sabotaging your weight loss progress. And at the very end, there's a fun little message from my son Enzo.


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Welcome to the Weight Loss Before and After Pregnancy Podcast. The place you’ll get simple strategies you can apply to your life today to start losing weight. Strategies that’ll help you reach your goal, move on with your life, and focus on the things that matter most to you. I’m your host, Certified Life and Weight Coach, Andrea Scalici. Let’s get started.

Hey, everybody. Welcome to episode 42.

Today, I want to talk to you about mixing up your routine. Because I know a lot of people, not everyone, but a lot of people, get bored at some point during their weight loss journey. And if this is you, going through the weight loss process and feeling bored or stir crazy or stuck in a routine, then this podcast episode is for you. 

What I teach when it comes to weight loss is to follow the five simple steps. And if you have been listening to my podcast for a while, you know what those are, but I'll quickly review them. 

Step number one is to follow a sleep routine. 

Step number two is to drink enough water every day. 

Step number three is to follow a food plan. 

Step number four is to track everything. 

And step number five is to self-coach. 

And then you have that optional step of moving your body every day or exercising. This is what I teach and it’s what I’m doing myself right now as I lose my weight postpartum. 

Now, when we're in the groove, when we're doing these things in the weight loss process, sometimes it might feel a little boring, right? It might get a little routine. 

But, and this is a big but here, do not break up your routine by changing what you're doing with the five simple steps or the optional one of moving your body or exercising. Keep those things the same. If they feel boring, who cares? Keep those in your life as your boring routine. Do not mess with those. Those are your lifestyle. Those are what's going to help you lose your weight. Those are what will help you maintain your weight after. Do not stop doing those things.

But, if you’re feeling a little bored, you can mix up other things in your life, other routines in your life, if you want to. And it's amazing what you can do and how different you can feel by just changing small little things. 

Let me give you an example from my own personal life. Recently, I was out on a walk with my husband and two sons. We were just walking around our neighborhood. I get a lot of inspiration from walks outside with my family. 

On this particular walk, my husband was pushing the stroller with Enzo in it. He's my almost five-year-old son. And I was pushing the stroller with my four-month-old son Nico. 

We were all relaxed, in good moods, enjoying the walk, and just having a good time together. The air was clear and perfect. It wasn't too humid outside. It was beautiful. And it just so happened that this particular walk was a morning walk. 

We were out walking at like 8:00 in the morning, which is totally unusual for us. We don’t usually walk in the morning. We usually walk in the evening, like when my husband gets home from work or after dinner or something like that. 

But this day specifically, we were all sitting around in our house and we looked outside and we saw some of our neighbors walking around early in the morning and we thought, "Hey, let's give that a try. That looks nice. It looks beautiful outside. Let's go for a morning walk."

So we did, and we were having so much fun and really enjoying it. And it felt just a little different than usual because we were mixing up our routine just a little bit. 

It’s so interesting how you can change one small thing in your routine and it will feel like a huge change in your life. And the basic reason why it feels so different is because when you change up something in your routine, you’re basically changing a circumstance in your life. You’re experiencing a new situation or a different than usual situation. And by doing that, you are putting yourself in the position to trigger new or different thoughts than you usually have. It’s amazing. 

Ok, so again, don't change the five simple steps. Keep doing those things to lose weight and to maintain your weight. That's your new lifestyle, even if that part of your life feels boring. But you can mix up your routine in other areas of your life, if you want to. 

Do you normally go for evening walks or after dinner walks, like my family? If you do, consider a morning walk. 

Do you normally go on morning walks? If you do, consider an afternoon or evening walk. 

Do you grocery shop on the same day, at the same time, and at the same grocery store every week? If you do, maybe that’s something you can change up. Maybe you can go on a new day, at a new time, or to a different grocery store. Put yourself in the position to meet new people at the grocery store or experience new things. 

Do you take your kids or your dog or yourself to a park? Do you typically walk around a park or play at a playground? If you do, do you go at the same day and time every single week? Do you go to the same park? If this is you, maybe go on a different day and time. Or go to a different park. Meet some new people, check out new things, get a different feel, mix up your routine a little bit in this way. 

Here’s another possibility. On your food plan, do you typically order out from the same restaurant like once a week? If you do, pick a new restaurant, try a different style of food, order takeout from somewhere new. Give it a try. 

Do you like hiking or biking or outdoor activity of any sort? If you do, and you typically go to the same place, like I do a lot of the time, maybe it's time to pick a new place and go and try it out.

These are just a few examples of the different things that you can do to mix up your routine instead of changing what you’re doing with weight loss and the five simple steps.

If you take a few minutes to brainstorm, you will probably be able to think of even better, more exciting things to mix up your routine. 

I'm telling you, just this tiny little change of my family and I taking that morning walk instead of an afternoon walk felt so different. It felt like such an amazing break in our routine. One that my entire family appreciated. 

But let me be clear on this. Things didn’t feel different because it was a morning walk instead of an afternoon walk. It wasn’t the circumstances that made it feel different. It was opening ourselves up to a new experience that would easily trigger new thoughts and feelings in that moment. And that’s exactly what happened for all of us. Well, except baby Nico. I can’t really speak for him because he’s only four months old. But anyways. 

Ok, let me share one other quick example with you. And when I’m done with this one, I’m going to play a quick, cute audio for you. So listen to the rest of this episode to the end. It’ll make sense in a minute. 

Alright. Full disclosure here. A few months ago, I was starting to feel bored with my routine of creating episodes for this podcast. I have this checklist that I made of exactly what I need to do every week to make a new episode. I go through it step-by-step and check each thing off every week. And creating new podcast episodes was starting to feel a little boring, I'm not going to lie. 

So I decided to mix up my routine a little bit by bringing my son, Enzo, into my office, which is where I create these podcast episodes. I gave him the microphone and I had him say whatever he wanted to say. I had him share whatever message he wanted to share with all of you. 

You’ll hear part of this audio in a minute. It’s adorable. But I know I’m biased because it’s my son. But I think you’ll feel like it’s adorable too.

Inviting him into my office, and making this audio with him, was really special to me. Not only did it mix up my routine, but it created a new experience for me during the podcast creation process that now, months after we made it, still triggers sentimental and loving thoughts about this experience with my son. I just loved doing this with him. And I thought it would be kind of cute to share with you what Enzo said on the audio. 

As I record this podcast episode, he's almost five years old. But when we recorded this little audio together, he had just turned four years old and I was pregnant with Nico at the time. In this little audio, Enzo shares with you his idea of what healthy food is. And it's so adorable. I just love it. So here's my son, Enzo, when he was four years old, with a short little snippet for you. Enjoy.

Andrea Scalici:
Okay, go.

Hi, everyone.

Andrea Scalici:
Say hi, I'm Enzo Scalici.

Okay, hi, I'm Enzo Scalici.

Andrea Scalici:
I'm four years old.

I'm four years old.

Andrea Scalici:
And I'm going to be a big brother soon.

And I am going to have a baby brother soon. Okay, everyone. I'm going to make a podcast tomorrow. And these ones are better than mommy's.

Andrea Scalici:
What are they about?

They're about and telling them-

Andrea Scalici:
Talk into the microphone.

... what's healthy, what's not healthy. Pizza's not healthy and cake's not healthy. Broccoli is healthy and bananas and lots of good stuff, okay. And some good stuff they put in freezer's not healthy, okay, guys. Do you have guys and girls, or guys only?

Andrea Scalici:
Mostly girls.

Only girls or guys?

Andrea Scalici:

And guys?

Andrea Scalici:
Not really.

Okay, girls. My podcast is bye-bye.

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