[PODCAST EPISODE 47] Andrea's 10 Favorite Meals

Oct 07, 2021
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Many of you have been asking me to share the foods that I'm eating on my own weight loss journey postpartum. In this episode, you'll hear what my 10 favorite meals are right now. These are meals that I want to eat, I look forward to eating, and are helping me lose weight. Listen to this episode for inspiration and clarity for how you can create your meal plan - but don't eat the same foods as me. You choose the foods for your meal plan that you'll want to eat, you'll look forward to eating, and will help you lose weight.


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Welcome to the Weight Loss Before and After Pregnancy Podcast. The place you’ll get simple strategies you can apply to your life today to start losing weight. Strategies that’ll help you reach your goal, move on with your life, and focus on the things that matter most to you. I’m your host, Certified Life and Weight Coach, Andrea Scalici. Let’s get started.

Hey, everybody. Welcome to episode 47.

Today, I'm going to share with you my 10 favorite meals right now, currently in my own life, because many of you have been asking me what I'm eating to lose my own weight. You know, I just had a baby a few months ago, so I am in my own weight loss journey right now. And I'm seeing a lot of success with that. And many of you have asked me what I'm eating to make this weight loss happen.

In this episode today, I'm going to share with you my 10 favorite meals right now, but I'm going to give you a huge disclaimer before I do. And please, please, please, don't fast-forward directly to the meals in this episode, because if you don't listen to this quick disclaimer, that I'm going to give you, you really won't be setting yourself up for success with weight loss. Okay?

The first thing I want to tell you is a few years ago, before I found life coaching, before I found weight loss coaching, I had my first son and I was trying to lose my own weight at that point. I was struggling.

I was Googling, 'what do I eat for weight loss? How do I lose weight meal ideas?' Things like that. And I was getting back so many different ideas. It was kind of overwhelming the amount of information, the amount of different meal ideas, that you can get out there in the world. And I did not find success with weight loss at that point.

But once I found life coaching, once I found weight loss coaching, and I worked with my own coach on this, that was pretty much my first question to her. My question was, "What do I eat to lose weight? How do I lose weight? What food should I be eating?"

And she turned the question back on me. "What food do you want to eat to lose weight?"

And I was confused. I'm like, you're a weight loss coach. You know how to lose weight? You know what food I should be eating. Just tell me what to eat and I'll do it.

But that is not how it works. That's not how life coaching works. It's not how weight loss coaching works. It's not how I lost my own weight. And it's not how you're going to lose your own way either.

So I am going to share with you my personal 10 favorite meals at this point, but I am not doing it to tell you what to eat, to tell you that this is what you should be eating or anything like that. Please do not hear these meals and ever think that I'm telling you that this is what you should be eating because that is not my intention here.

I am not a doctor. I am not a dietician. I am not a nutritionist. I am not telling you what you should eat.

The most important thing that you can do for yourself during your own weight loss journey is to find the foods that you enjoy eating, that you love eating, that you realistically will eat. And those are the foods that should go on your meal plan.

We talk a lot more about this stuff in my coaching program and also with my private clients, but it's really important for you to know. You should create a meal plan that you would want to follow for yourself. So whatever those foods are for you are what you should put on your meal plan. I am simply sharing my 10 favorite meals today. The meals that I have been eating for the past couple of months, and I have got success with weight loss, but it's not because of the meals. Or I should say it's not just because of the meals.

When you're going through the weight loss process the most important thing that you can focus on is your brain, your mind, the thoughts inside of your mind that generate your feelings, that also drive your actions. Your brain is the most important thing that you can focus on, because at the end of the day, you can come up with 10 different meals that you love, that you enjoy. You can have them on your meal plan, but if you don't want to follow them, if you don't work on the thoughts in your brain, that will get you to want to follow them, then you're not going to see the success that you want long-term.

Okay. So I'm about to share with you my 10 favorite meals right now, currently in my own life that I enjoy eating, I have on my meal plans regularly, and they are helping me lose weight.

I start eating my meal when I'm hungry and not before that. And I stop eating my meal when I've had enough. That is pretty much all that I do.

I follow the hunger scale, which is something that I also teach my clients. You can think of it like a horizontal line that goes from negative 10 to positive 10. And I like to eat on the hunger scale between negative four and positive four.

So at each meal, I start eating when I feel like my body is at a negative four on that hunger scale. And I stop eating around positive four on the hunger scale.

So to me, that is eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I've had enough. You know, before my pants start to really get uncomfortable, if you know what I mean.

So that's my process. That's what I do. And here are the 10 favorite meals that I have in my own life right now.

Number one. I love a good burger, especially if that burger is cooked on a charcoal grill, I love a good burger. And I usually eat my burger with like one side, maybe like zucchini or yellow squash or anything like that. Sometimes I eat my burger with potato salad or fries. It just depends on what I'm in the mood for and what I have on my plan.

Number two, steak, I love a good steak. And I usually eat my steak with something like broccoli or, you know, zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, sometimes like Swiss chard. I really love red Swiss chard. So good. And other times I really like my steak with asparagus. So it just depends.

Number three, fish. I love fish. My family likes to buy frozen bags of fish from the grocery store. We keep them in our freezer and we pull them out and cook them whenever they're on our meal plan. And I really like to pair fish with like a bok choy. That is delicious to me. Sometimes the red chard, other times like kale, something like that. It's delicious.

Oh, real quick before I go to number four, I just want to dimension that none of these are in order by like my favorite to least favorite and nothing like that. These are just all random foods that I have on my meal plan currently. Okay.

So number four is sushi. Oh, sushi, me and sushi are best friends. I love sushi. I really wish I knew how to make sushi. If anybody out there is a specialist in making sushi, if you create an online course teaching people how to make sushi, I will buy it. Just send me the link done. I've paid for it. I want to know how to make sushi. I want sushi in my life more often. Okay. So when I eat sushi, I don't always pair it with anything. Sometimes I just like to eat it by itself if it has a lot of different variety inside of it already, but other times I will pair it with like a vegetable or something like that. It just depends on my mood. And it depends on what's on my meal plan.

Number five, grilled chicken, especially if it's cooked on a charcoal grill. You can tell, I really like food that's cooked on a charcoal grill. It is delicious. Sometimes I pair my grilled chicken with like a potato or potato salad. Sometimes I do like the zucchini, the yellow squash, I mean, I pair it with pretty much anything. When I was growing up, my dad used to love to cook grilled chicken and he still does. About once or twice a month, he still sends me a text message and says, "Andrea, I have grilled chicken for you." And I love it. And because of that, my husband has also really gotten into cooking grilled chicken on our grill. And he's really starting to get good at it. I have to say his chicken is delicious. Okay.

So number six, meatballs. I'm Italian. I love meatballs. And growing up, my grandmother used to make the best meatballs around. She tried to teach my cousins and I how to make them while she was alive and we could never replicate her recipe. I don't know. I think that she just kinda went by what she felt the meatballs needed. Like she was like connected with the meatballs in some way that I am not, other than to eat them, so I can not replicate her meatballs. But I did find a local Italian gourmet grocery store that makes them homemade inside of the store and they are delicious. So we buy huge frozen bags of meatballs. Like we buy one bag every month or two, and it lasts us that long. So I'll eat meatballs by themselves. Sometimes I'll have like a meatball sub. Sometimes I eat meatballs in my salad. Like I'll have a big green salad with cut up meatballs on it. Oh, I love meatballs.

Number seven, sausage. I'll eat sausage in a many different ways. Sometimes I like sausage on a bun. Sometimes I like it just cut up and dipped into like spicy mustard. Sometimes I like it just plain. Sometimes I even like it dipped into maple syrup. Yeah. You have to try it. Don't knock it until you try it. Sausage dipped did maple syrup is definitely a thing. And I like to pair it with something like maybe green beans or carrots or something like that.

Number eight is veggie burger. I have always liked veggie burgers, but I've always been kind of on a hunt to find the best veggie burger. So I will eat many different kinds, many different brands, just to find one that I really like. And I have to say that it has been a while since I've found one that I like. So if you know of any amazing veggie burgers out there, please share with me the brand, where you got it, all the information, because I love veggie burgers, but I have not been able to find one that I really like in a while. I don't know why, but it's, I know that's out there. I know veggie burgers that are amazing are out there. I just haven't been able to find them recently. And when I eat them, sometimes I eat them on a bun, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I eat them with like mayo and lettuce and tomato on it, like a sandwich. And sometimes I eat it with just like catch up on it, you know, like a burger or something like that. It just depends on what I'm feeling. And what's on my meal plan. And I like to pair a veggie burger with something like yellow squash, zucchini, you know, just any of the vegetables really. I like to pair it with that. And after I'm done with that meal, I love a couple of bites of a fruit, you know, just a few bites of a fruit. I don't care which fruit. Fruit is something I have on my meal plan pretty much every single day, at least one fruit a day. I love fruit. I'm not saying that you have to have it. You do not have to have any of this food, even fruit on your meal plan. This is just what I like.

Number nine, eggs, toast, and a vegetable. This is what I eat at least once a week for dinner. I love having breakfast foods for dinner. So I'll either make scrambled eggs with some toast and you know, like asparagus or something like that. I'll sometimes have fried eggs. Sometimes on my toast I like jelly. Sometimes on my toast I like avocado, sometimes peanut butter. It just depends on my mood. And what's on my meal plan again. And sometimes I even like, after I'm done with the meal, I even like a couple of bites of like a non-dairy yogurt with fruit on it. I think that is just the perfect little ending to my little breakfast for dinner type meal. Okay.

Number 10, the final one, is a vegetarian taco or burrito filled with lots and lots of vegetables. Refried beans, peppers, lettuce, tomato, all of the things. I just like all of the things in my vegetarian taco or burrito.

And out of all, the 10 things that I shared with you, most of these things, I can also eat on top of a green salad. So sometimes I'll make a green salad and cut up like burger to put on top or steak to go on top or fish or grilled chicken or meatballs or sausage or veggie burger. It just any of the things, I will cut them up and add them on top of a green salad. That's also something I really like to do these days.

But again, these are just the foods I'm currently eating. They're the foods I enjoy. The foods that I want on my meal plan. The foods I look forward to eating every single day.

So you have to decide for yourself, what are the foods that you enjoy eating, that you would look forward to eating on your meal plan, that you'll actually eat. Those are the foods for you that should go on your meal plan.

Now, before I end this episode, I also want to just share with you two of my favorite exception meals. And if you're wondering what an exception meal is, it's any meal filled with foods that you only want to allow yourself to eat once a week. This is how I do it in my life. And it's what I teach my clients as well.

When you're creating a meal plan, if you don't have any foods that you want to put on an exception, if you want every single food to be open and available for you to eat every day of the week and not limit anything to just one day a week, that's totally fine. The exception meal is optional.

But I have found that there are two things, particularly in my own life, that I want to put on exception. There are foods that I want to keep in my life, but they're foods that make me physically feel not very good. There are foods that physically make me feel sick after I eat them.

But my meal plan is all about living my life the way that I want to live it by choosing the foods I want to eat. And I have two exception meals, two exception foods that I have not wanted to let go of in my life, but that I know will make me feel sick for like 24 hours after I eat them.

So sometimes I put them on my meal plan with the expectation that I'm going to be sick for 24 hours or so after I eat them.

Think of an exception like this. Let's say that tomorrow is your wedding day. So it's the night before your wedding. And you really want to go to sleep at like 8:00 or 9:00 PM so you can get amazing sleep, wake up feeling your best, not have puffy circles under your eyes, all of that. But instead you actually watch a scary movie.

So the night before your wedding, when you wanted to get all of this amazing sleep, you allow yourself to watch a super scary movie, get so scared and freaked out from this movie that you have nightmares all night long. You wake up just still scared and feeling exhausted. You have puffy circles under your eyes, but you knew that that was going to happen because you have the expectation, if I watch the scary movie, I'm going to not get great sleep and I'm going to not feel my best tomorrow and maybe not even look my best tomorrow.

Exception meals are kind of like the same thing. I know when I eat these two things I'm going to share with you that I am not going to feel good. I am going to physically feel sick, but I'm going in there with the expectation, knowing that that's going to happen.

For me, the two things are one pizza, specifically, homemade pizza from dough that we get from a local bakery and two pasta.

My family buys pasta from that local Italian gourmet store I was telling you about. They make amazing pasta as well as amazing meatballs.

So once a week, if I choose to, I'll allow myself to eat pizza or pasta, and I know I'm going to be very sick afterwards. But this is my meal plan, my lifestyle, and I get to choose what is on it. Just like you get to choose what is on yours. Okay.

So that was a lot of information, but I had a lot of fun with this episode. I hope you had a lot of fun listening to my 10 favorite meals and my two favorite exception meals and all of the things. But remember, if you're going to do this for yourself, if you're going to create a meal plan for yourself, don't just put the foods on there that I have on mine. 

It's not going to be the same for you. You want to find the foods that you love eating, you enjoy eating. Things that you will eat. If they're on your meal plan, you want to be realistic with what you're doing for yourself.

And just make sure that you start eating when you're hungry, like a negative four on that hunger scale. And you stop eating when you've had enough, like a positive four on that hunger scale. You don't want to eat until you're stuffed.

And a lot of times I won't even let myself eat a meal anymore if I'm wearing sweat pants that are really loose because I really won't get that feeling and know when I'm starting to get full. So that might be something for you to think about.

Okay, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I will talk to you next week.

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