[PODCAST EPISODE 52] Workshop 2 on Weight Loss and Mommy Burnout

Nov 11, 2021

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About the show:
If you're feeling burnt out by everything you're doing as a mom and weight loss feels impossible right now - then you're in the right place. Let's deal with the burnout first. The weight loss will follow. Listen to this episode and do the work inside the workbook to get yourself back on the path towards loving your life again. This is workshop two of a three part series. 


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Welcome to the Weight Loss Before and After Pregnancy Podcast. The place you’ll get simple strategies you can apply to your life today to start losing weight. Strategies that’ll help you reach your goal, move on with your life, and focus on the things that matter most to you. I’m your host, Certified Life and Weight Coach, Andrea Scalici. Let’s get started.

Hey, everybody. Welcome to episode 52.

Today, on this podcast, is workshop number two on weight loss and mommy burnout. This is the second of three workshops that will take place on this podcast. If you haven’t heard workshop one, go back and listen to last week’s episode. You’ll definitely want to do these in order.

Ok. Let me quickly remind you who this workshop is for.

If you feel mentally and physically exhausted because of everything you’ve got going on as a mom, and you feel stuck in that feeling, then this workshop is for you.

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed because of everything you’ve got going on as a mom, and you find yourself eating food when you’re not truly hungry, then this workshop is for you.

If you want to lose weight but you have zero motivation to do it right now, or to even think about it, because of everything you’ve got going on as a mom, then you too, this workshop is for you.

During this three part workshop, you’re learning a simple process to get yourself unstuck, to get yourself moving through the burnout. And eventually, to get yourself completely out of the burnout.

This will help you get to the place where you feel like yourself again.

In workshop one, you learned what the simple process is. It’s just four steps. Let’s quickly review what they are.

Step one. Decide what topic you’ll focus on.

Step two. Discover what’s happening right now.

Step three. Intentionally decide how you want to handle it.

And step four. Decide what your next step will be.

In workshop one, we did steps one and two. So, we decided what topic we’ll focus on. And for me, the example I’m using in this workshop is the topic of my kids’ laundry. I wonder what your topic is.

Then, in workshop one, we discovered what’s happening right now and we made one important decision. For me, I discovered what I’m thinking and feeling and doing when it comes to my kids’ laundry. I made an important decision about what I want to do, like the physical things I’m doing, when it comes to my kids’ laundry. I wonder what you discovered in workshop one and what decisions you made.

Now, in workshop two, we’ll focus on step three. So, now that we’ve chosen our topic and we’ve discovered what’s happening now and we made a decision about the physical things we’re doing as it relates to our topic, we’ll move on and intentionally decide how we want to handle it. Meaning, how we want to think and feel about it.

For me, in this workshop today, I’ll intentionally decide how I want to think and feel as it relates to my kids’ laundry. And you’ll decide how you want to think and feel about your topic.

Ok. Before we get started, I just wanted to remind you about the workbook I created for you specifically for this workshop. You can download your copy right now at mcccoaching.com/burnout.

The workbook will guide you through the process we’re going through

Now, let me open up my copy of the workbook and find where step three begins. Then, we’ll kick off workshop number two.

All right. Let’s dive right into the questions.

Step three. Question one. How do you want to think about this moving forward?

Remember, if you haven’t heard workshop one, on last week’s podcast episode, then this won’t make sense to you. So, make sure you’ve heard that episode.

Ok. How do you want to think about this moving forward?

For me, I want to think about doing my kids’ laundry as something that I just do. It’s not a problem. It’s not an annoying task. It’s just something I do as a mom with two small kids. It’s not fun but it doesn’t add any stress to my life, unless I let it. And I don’t want to let it, anymore. I’m choosing to do my kids’ laundry. I want to do it. And I’m going to do it my way. I will never again complain about doing it. And I will never again allow myself to complain inside my head about it. It’s just something I do for them that I want to do. Ok.

Step three. Question two. How do you want to feel about this moving forward?

Well, I don’t want to pretend that it’s fun or enjoyable. I don’t want to lie to myself about how I really feel. But I don’t want to feel like a victim, in a way, to doing my kids’ laundry. I want to feel empowered. I want to feel like it’s a choice and I’m choosing to do it. I want to feel proud that I get to do this for my kids. Like a proud mama. I want to feel in control. I want to feel like it’s not a problem. It’s not a stressor. I have the power to decide if and when I’m going to do it. Yea, that feels good to me. Ok.

Step three. Question three. How will your life change if you think and feel about it that way?

Such a good question. I love this one. How would my life change?

Well the physical things I’m doing wouldn’t change much. Other than doing their laundry a little less often. But I would feel better on the inside.

So, I guess my life would change because I’d have less stress on a daily basis. I’d have less overwhelm. I’d feel more in control of my day. I’d feel empowered. I’d feel less like a victim and more in control. My life would change a lot if I did view their laundry like it’s not a problem. It’s just something I do for my kids.

Energetically, I’d probably show up way differently with my kids and my husband. Energetically, I’d be less frustrated and I’d be more content. I don’t yell at my kids or my husband very often, but it does happen sometimes, and this would reduce the amount of times it happens even further. 

I’d probably be less annoyed everytime my kids change their clothes and throw dirty laundry into the basket. So, that would be good for everyone in my family, because I know my boys can feel my stress every time this happens.

So, yea, just my energy will be lighter and it’ll show up in my energy mostly. But also I’ll yell a little less at my family. Ok.

Step three. Question four. How do you want to think about the person or people who benefit from you doing this work? Doing the kids’ laundry. Include yourself.

So, let me start with my kids, Enzo and Nico, because I’m grouping them together. How do I want to think about Enzo and Nico when I’m thinking about me doing their laundry?

I want to intentionally remind myself that they’re children. They get a childhood. They aren’t ready to learn how to do their own laundry. And I’m proud I get to do this for them and give them a childhood in this way.

Myself. How do I want to think about myself and doing their laundry?

Well, again, I want to think of this like it’s my choice, because it is. And I’m powerfully choosing to do their laundry for them. I’m grateful that I’m a healthy woman and I have the capability to do his for them. It’s important to me.

Ok. And my husband Simone. How do I want to think about him when I think about me doing the kids’ laundry?

Well, as you know from workshop one, I was planning to talk to my husband about us splitting this task fifty-fifty. And I did. And my husband agreed. So, we are going to create a kids’ laundry schedule where my husband does it once a week and I do it once a week.

I hope it goes well. I hope it goes as planned. But whether it does or it doesn’t, I want to intentionally think about my husband in this situation as a good dad. A good husband. Someone who wants to do everything he can for his family. Someone who wants to be equal partners with me in this life we built. Someone who actively participates in this life with me. A true partner. Because he is. I want to think of him as someone who appreciates me and everything I do for this family too. And thinking of him like this is what I want to do intentionally. Ok.

Step three. Question five. How do you want to feel about the person or people who benefit from you doing this work? The kids’ laundry. Include yourself.

All right. Enzo and Nico. I want to feel like a proud mama. I want to feel happy that they get a childhood. I want to feel close to them and connected and supportive of them. And I do.

Myself. I want to feel proud of myself. I want to feel accomplished. And these are things I already feel now, which you might remember from workshop one. But I want to intentionally stop feeling tired and overwhelmed. I want to drop those feelings when it comes to the laundry. Because I know those feelings come from my thinking. And if I’m choosing to do their laundry, and I’m not making it a problem, and I’m empowered to do it, then I’ll feel less tired and overwhelmed when I think about it. My attitude and my intention behind it will be better.

And my husband. Well, if I’m thinking about him the way I want to in this situation, then I’ll feel like a partner. I’ll feel connected to him. I’ll feel more aligned with him. I’ll feel like we’re in this together. We’re driving this ship together. And that feels much better to me than feeling annoyed and resentful. I want to drop those feelings right here right now. And I can by simply being more intentional about how I think and feel towards my husband in this situation.

Regardless of whether or not our plan works to split this task fifty-fifty, I want to work on my thinking about my husband. Feeling annoyed and resentful may not go away overnight. I may need to work at it for awhile. But I know I can get there. And I’ll get there a lot quicker if I’m actively working on it. Which, right now in this workshop, I’m committing to do. Ok. 

Step three. Question six. How will your life change if you think and feel about them and yourself that way?

I love this question. So, every time I do my kids’ laundry, I won’t be thinking about it as a problem. I won’t be feeling tired and overwhelmed by it. I won’t be feeling annoyed and resentful towards my husband, regardless of whether or not it works out for us to split this task.

And when I approach my kids’ laundry this way, no matter how often I’m actually doing it, I will be a calmer person. I will get to feel calmer on the inside. I will get to feel more in control, more confident, more empowered. And my energy, what other people feel when they’re around me, will be calmer and more patient. Lighter. Happier. Balanced.

My family will see me as a calmer person. They’ll feel that lighter energy. I won’t be yelling or screaming or complaining about the laundry anymore. Which is really important to me.

And all of this will have an effect on my kids, my husband, myself, and the relationship that I have with all of them as they grow up and when they’re grown adults.

My kids will have a childhood. They’ll have a mom who is calm most of the time. They won’t have a mom who is overwhelmed and stressed all of the time. That will truly have an effect on them now and growing up and as adults someday.

My husband will have a happier wife. He appreciates me now and as my kids grow up and he will continue to in the future. He’ll appreciate that I’m not overwhelmed and stressed all of the time. That will truly have an effect on our relationship, how he thinks about me and our marriage, now and as our kids grow up and in the future. I see us as seventy years old, holding hands, talking, laughing, and walking on the beach together.

The work I’m doing now to get myself out of the mommy burnout is so important. For my kids. For my husband. And for myself. And all of our lives will change for the better now, over the years, and in the future. Ok.

Step three. Question seven. The final question for today. Imagine you’ve been taking action on your decisions for a few months. What is your life like?

Well, I sort of answered this one in the last question. I got a little carried away. I was feeling inspired.

But if I were to just think about a few months from now, I imagine there to be just overall a much calmer feeling in my family. Less complaining. Less stress. And more working together as a team. As partners. As a family. More fun. More playfulness. More silliness. Stuff like that. And that is why I’m doing this work right now. So important.

I love this work. I love intentional thinking. Intentional feeling. And deciding on purpose how to handle things. 

We all have the ability to do this. We all have choice. It may not always feel like a choice, but it is. We have a choice as to how we want to think about things, feel about things, and what we want to do in situations in our lives. We have choice.

Now, at the bottom of step three inside the workbook, it says, “Take action. Continue implementing these changes in your life. Test, analyze, and adjust your situation as needed.”

What this means is to test, analyze, and adjust the way you’re thinking about your topic. For me, that’s doing my kids’ laundry.

Test, analyze, and adjust how you’re feeling about your topic.

Test, analyze, and adjust what you’re doing when it comes to your topic. Again, for me, that’s doing my kids’ laundry.

Be intentional about all of these things. This will help you feel in control of your life. It will help you feel empowered. It will help you feel like yourself again. It will help you start to love the life you built. This work is so important.

All right. That’s it for workshop two.

Don’t forget to download your copy of the workbook by going to mcccoaching.com/burnout. And that link will be in the show notes.

Do this work for yourself on any topic in your life that’s bothering you. Chip away at the burnout. One topic at a time. And eventually, you’ll feel ready to focus on your weight loss goal again.

Deal with the burnout first. And weight loss will follow.

On next week’s podcast episode, we’ll wrap up this three part workshop. We’ll focus on step four of our simple four step process. Which means we’ll decide what our next step will be.

Ok. That’s it for now. I hope you’re loving this workshop as much as I am. I’ll talk to you next week. Take care.

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