[VIDEO] Losing Weight: Step 1

Aug 06, 2020

Listen to this video to learn the first step to losing weight.

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Hey everybody. I have a quick question for you.

When you think about weight loss, do you also think about sleep?

Maybe you do. And maybe you don't. But a lot of people don't realize that weight loss and sleep are connected. 

So, think about it. Think about when you go to bed at night and you don't get a great night sleep. How do you feel the next day?

I usually feel kind of groggy and unclear. And just kind of foggy. Right?

I'm a little short with people. Sometimes I get a little mean the next day because I'm just so tired. 

But when I go to bed at night and I get a great night sleep, I wake up feeling clear, open, motivated, ready to tackle my day. And I usually make better decisions throughout my day.

So, this is why sleep is so important. 

When you're trying to lose weight, you really want to be able to make the best decisions throughout your day. Specifically, when it comes to food. 

So, if you get a good night sleep you're more likely to think clearly during the day and make better decisions about food.

Now, in a previous video I talked about The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Weight. And I'll quickly go over what those are. 

Step number 1 is to create and follow a sleep routine. 

Step number 2 is to drink enough water everyday. 

Step number 3 is to create and follow a food plan.

Step number 4 is to track everything. Write it down. 

And step number 5 is to self-coach, which is basically just a form of journalling. 

In my podcast, the Weight Loss Before and After Pregnancy Podcast with me, Andrea Scalici. Oh, I didn't even introduce myself. Hi, I'm Andrea Scalici, Certified Life and Weight Coach. So, on my podcast, Weight Loss Before and After Pregnancy Podcast, I go over The 5 Simple Steps To Losing Weight. And in this week's episode, I go over step number 1, creating and following a sleep routine in detail. 

I want to invite you to head over to, head over to Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app. Subscribe and listen to this episode. Because sleep and weight loss are connected. 

When you get enough sleep at night, you're more clear during the day and you are better able to make good decisions when it comes to food. 

So, we talk all about that in this podcast, in this podcast episode. We talk all about the obstacles you might face you know, you're baby or kids getting you up at night. Your husband or partner tossing and turning and waking you up. Your mattress or pillow being uncomfortable. We talk about, you know, when you try to go to sleep at night and you just have thoughts racing around in your mind and it's causing you to stay awake when you'd rather be sleeping. 

We talk about all of these things in that episode and I give you one very quick and easy 3-step strategy to overcome any obstacle you might face, when you're trying to follow a sleep routine. 

Alright, I will see you over in Apple Podcasts or wherever you like listening to podcasts.


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