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Hey everybody. Andrea Scalici here.

In this video, I want to talk to you about your meal plan.

Now, a cycle that I see a lot of people in, and you might be in this cycle too, is finding or creating the perfect meal plan, starting to follow it on Monday and then by Wednesday or Thursday driving through the drive thru or eating a bag of chips or box of cookies and just giving up on the meal plan completely after that one fail. 

If this is you, I want you to know there is a way out of this cycle. 

The way out is to stop focusing so much on the meal plan. 

I know. It sounds crazy, right?

What is on the meal plan is important, yes. The food, the drinks, everything that you put inside your body is important to losing weight, but it's not everything. 

The most important thing you can focus your time and attention on is the reason why you might not be following your meal plan. And the reason why is because of what you're thinking or feeling in the moment. 

It's that moment of "I want a cookie. I want a bag of chips. I just need to stop feeling so overwhelmed or anxious or bored or scared." Whatever it is you're feeling. 

So, the thoughts and the feelings that you're having in those moments, those moments that you go through the drive thru or eat the bag of chips or the box of cookies. Those are the things to focus on. 

It's not so much the meal plan, though it is important. 

So, in this week's podcast episode, let's see, it's episode number 4 called Losing Weight: Step 3, I talk all about how to create your food plan and how to get yourself to follow the food plan. 

I really want to invite you to check this one out this week. This is the podcast episode you've been waiting for. It's gonna answer a lot of your questions based on the perfect meal plan and also how to follow it. 

So, enjoy it. Learn from it. And I'll talk to you soon. 

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