Let's get "The Mom Weight" off of you and teach you the tools you need to manage your emotions.


You'll learn how to do it without relying on willpower, without forcing yourself to eat salads or drink shakes for lunch, and without reciting mantras you don't really believe.


I'm so glad you asked.

It's the extra weight from carrying your baby PLUS the extra weight from eating more than usual because of all the out of control emotions you feel as a mom.

Yea, you know what I mean.

If you find yourself in your kitchen pantry when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or anxious...

If you find yourself driving through the drive thru when you've got a refrigerator full of healthy food...

If you find yourself covered in chocolate or cheese puff dust when you vowed you'd never eat those types of foods again...

Then you're in the right place.

I will show you how to get control over your emotions and your behavior so you can lose "The Mom Weight" and start enjoying your new life.


You probably already know this but there is a cost to not dealing with this.

There is a cost to trying diet after diet without getting what you really need...

In situations like this, most people use willpower to force themselves to do crazy things. Or they try one diet program after another. Or they recite mantras to themselves that they don't really believe. 

But, for most people, none of that works. 

Sadly, they end up even more frustrated than when they started. 

They end up blaming the people around them or the weight loss programs they invested in. 

They end up yelling at their kids or arguing with their spouses more.

They end up obsessing about food and weight loss in their minds.

And they sometimes end up gaining more weight.

But it doesn't have to be this way.



Before I became a Certified Life and Weight Coach, I struggled with my weight and my emotions. 

I had just given birth to my first son. I was left with a bunch of weight to lose. And I felt lost, unsettled, and alone as a new mom with a tiny baby to take care of.

My emotions were out of control and they always led me back into the kitchen pantry to eat anything that would make me feel better.

But everything changed for me after I found life coaching and learned the tools I needed to figure it all out.

It took time to lose my weight and get control over my emotional life. But I was committed and I stuck with it even when I didn't feel like it. 

And it was completely worth it because...

  • I finally fit into my old clothes again (and I bought some new ones!)
  • I had more energy to play with my kids, my niece, my nephews, and my friends' kids (fun times that I didn't miss out on!)
  • I dramatically reduced the amount of time and energy I spent thinking about food and weight loss (what a relief!)
  • I found my purpose in life - I became a Certified Life and Weight Coach - and I now have the honor and privilege of helping other motivated women transform their lives too (amazing women just like you!)

Will you be next?

If you're ALL IN, here's what to do next...


The 6 Stages Weight Loss Program online course will teach you how to lose weight, keep it off long term, and manage your emotions by...

  • Keeping things simple
  • Getting you to want to follow your plan
  • And focusing on your brain (your body's main control center!)

This is exactly what you've been searching for.


In This Program You'll Receive...

1. The 6 Stages Weight Loss Program Online Course - This is the complete program that guides you through the six stages that the brain goes through during the weight loss process. 

2. The Course Workbook - Think of this like "your own personal Life Coach" because it's filled with questions I would ask you during a private coaching session. Questions that will keep you moving. You'll receive a digital copy inside of the program.

3. Bonus Lessons - These special additions will take certain topics to the next level.

4. Unlimited Email Coaching for 6 Months - Having direct access to a Certified Life and Weight Coach for 6 months is all the support and accountability you will need. Take advantage of this valuable resource.

Here's More Details About What You Get After You Join...

The 6 Stages Weight Loss Program Online Course

This is my signature course that will teach you everything you need to know to lose "The Mom Weight," keep it off long term, and manage your emotions.

Here's what that looks like...

  • STAGE 1: LEARN - Set Yourself Up For Success - You'll learn why you're overeating in the first place and why it's so hard to lose your weight. (Hint: For most people, it's partly hormones and partly emotions.)
  • STAGE 2: PLAN - How To Create a Simple Plan - You'll learn how to create a simple weight loss plan that's unique to you and your body. Special workshop videos and worksheets will guide you through this.
  • STAGE 3: APPLY - Take Smart Action During The First 2 Weeks - You'll learn how to start applying your plan to your life. Specifically, how to make it past those first 2 weeks when most people completely give up. And you'll start to learn the tools you need to manage your emotional life.
  • STAGE 4: PRACTICE - When The "Magic" Happens - You'll learn how to practice your plan to the point where your brain starts to make real habit change. (This is a seriously amazing shift that happens!) Life coaching tools are a BIG part of this stage. 
  • STAGE 5: MASTER - You Finally Feel In Control - You'll learn how to master your plan. Specifically, how to reach the point when you genuinely want to follow your plan. And you'll learn even more life coaching tools to help you control your emotional life. 
  • STAGE 6: FUTURE - You're Ready To Focus On Your Next Big Goal - At this stage, you'll start to think less about food and weight loss. (Brain space freed up!) Many people use that newly freed up brain space to think more about their future and what they can accomplish next. If that's how you feel when you reach stage 6, you'll learn how to create your next big goal.

PLUS, You'll Receive...

The Course Workbook

This is the perfect compliment to the online course. The questions are exactly what I would ask you if we were working together 1:1. So, think of the course workbook as your own personal Life Coach. A digital copy will be available within the program.

Bonus Lessons

Get additional trainings that go deeper into certain topics discussed in the online course. Including:

  • BONUS #1: Special Meal Plans - This bonus teaches you how to create a plan for events, holidays, certain seasons of the year, when you're traveling, when you have your monthly period, and when you're sick. (You'll have a plan for pretty much everything!)
  • BONUS #2: The 7 Day Challenge to Follow Your Meal Plan - This bonus is a super fun and effective way of getting you started fast. (Which is something we all want, right?!)
  • FUTURE BONUSES: You'll also have access to all future bonuses that are created. (Send me your ideas and one of them just might be the next bonus added!)

Unlimited Email Coaching for 6 Months

You'll definitely want to take advantage of this! If you have any questions about the program or anything else going on in your life, you'll have 6-months of unlimited email coaching with me - a Certified Life and Weight Coach. I personally answer every single question. Ask me anything and you'll receive expert advice.


I understand that I'll get access to the online course, the digital course workbook, bonus lessons, and unlimited email coaching for 6 months. And all of this will help me...

Lose Weight

Lose weight without relying on willpower, without forcing myself to eat salads or drink shakes for lunch, or recite mantras.

Create Emotional Balance

Create emotional balance in my life so I can thrive as an individual and as a mom - and I can model this for my kids.

Empower Myself

Empower myself by taking ownership over my emotional life and start taking action towards my long term goals.

100% Money Back Guarantee

This offer comes with a 100% money back guarantee. 

If for any reason you don't like the program, just send me an email within 14 days of your purchase and request your money back.

No hassle. No drama. No hurt feelings. 

You have NOTHING to lose.

Imagine Life After You've Figured This Weight Loss Thing Out For Yourself...

When you sign up for this program and you reach your goal...

  • How will you feel about yourself?
  • How will you feel about your body?
  • How will you feel about your energy level and playing with your kids?
  • How will you feel about being a role model for your kids when it comes to your relationship with food and yourself?

My guess is, you'll feel pretty proud of yourself and thankful to the person you are RIGHT NOW. The person that made the decision to join this program. 

It's Decision Time

Decisions are one of those things that the human brain overcomplicates.

So let's simplify this one.

There's really only 3 questions you need to ask yourself...

  1. Am I ready to stop dieting forever and commit to a new approach?
  2. Am I ready to get control over my emotions and feel better?
  3. Am I willing to do this even if I feel scared or uncertain or uncomfortable about change?

If your answer is YES to all 3 of those questions, then you're ready to join this program today.

All you need to do is take the first step - and the first step is to join now.

I'll see you on the inside. 

Your Coach,
Andrea Scalici

Let's do this.

Let me tell you how to join the program and get started today...

  1. Click the button below to sign up.
  2. Fill out your payment details and click "complete my purchase."
  3. Check your email for your login details.
  4. You will get immediate access to the entire program.
  5. Do the work and experience this amazing process for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There's 2 main reasons why I don't offer this.

1. Meal plans are only as good as your ability to follow them.

2. Everyone's body is different. One person may feel great eating eggs for example and another may feel sick eating eggs. We're all unique. 

In this program, I guide you through the process of YOU creating your own meal plan. One that's unique to you and your body. And I teach you how to change your eating habits which will help you actually want to follow the meal plan you create.

Yes. You will get immediate access to the entire program.

If you complete the program as I recommend on the inside, it will require a minimum investment of 1-2 hours per week for 14 weeks.

There are 57 total videos in the program. 

I've done my best to condense the information so it's easily digestible. Most videos are under 10 minutes. A few videos are a little longer. 

You will have unlimited email access to a Certified Life and Weight Coach for 6 months from the date of purchase of this program.

During that 6 month time period, all you have to do is email your questions to [email protected] and you'll receive a response within 48 hours (Monday through Friday).

Your questions can be about the program itself or anything else going on in your life that you want help with.

When you join this program, you'll receive the online course, the course workbook in digital format, bonus lessons, and unlimited email coaching for 6 months. 

If you need more support than this, I encourage you to apply for a free consultation with me.

After you apply, I will personally review your information and contact you within 48 hours (Monday through Friday). 

We will then schedule a 1:1 call to talk about your situation and your goals. And you can decide what's best for you at that time. 

Click here to apply for a free consultation now.

This offer comes with a 100% money back guarantee. 

If for any reason you don't like the program, just send me an email within 14 days of your purchase and request your money back.

No hassle. No drama. No hurt feelings. 

You have NOTHING to lose.

Have a question?

If you have a question about this program, send me an email:

[email protected]

Andrea Scalici
Certified Life and Weight Coach


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