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I love my clients.

They have a weight loss goal and they're committed to reaching it regardless of how long it takes and how hard it is. 

They're fun.

They're smart.

They're strong.

They're committed. 

And they inspire me just as much as I inspire them.

Are you ready?

Let's do this thing.


I work with women during two very important times of their lives - before pregnancy and after pregnancy.

These women have one thing in common - they're in one of the biggest transitions of their lives...


Their motivation to lose weight and create emotional balance is strong and purposeful. 

  • They want to feel better and improve their lives.
  • They want to do everything within their control to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • They want to be a positive role model for their kids.
  • They want to create the best possible future for their entire family.

And that's exactly what I help them do.

The Coaching Program

The coaching program is designed to help you lose weight by guiding you through The 6 Stages Of Losing Weight.

Learn the root causes of overeating and the solutions.

Think about this. Being overweight is caused by overeating. We are simply eating more food than our body requires for fuel. But what causes overeating? Why does it feel like we can't control ourselves around food? Sure, it tastes good. But there's a lot more to it than that.

I'll teach you everything I know about this in stage 1. 

Create your weight loss action plan.

This is your plan for how you'll eat for the rest of your life. It's your commitment to yourself. Of course, the plan may change over time as your body changes, but it's a long term lifestyle change...not a temporary diet. 

Every person's body is unique. One person may feel great after they eat eggs. And another person may feel sick after they eat eggs. So, your plan will be created by you, for you, and it'll be unique to your own body. 

I'll guide you through this in stage 2.

Apply your weight loss action plan to your life for 2 weeks.

The first 2 weeks are crucial. You'll actually start to follow your plan. And your brain will be screaming at you to stop! It doesn't like change. So, this stage is all about giving yourself time and space to teach your brain something new. To basically "prime" it for the long term lifestyle change you're committed to making.

I've got some effective tools to help you in stage 3. 

Practice your weight loss action plan for 6 weeks.

I'll be honest. This is when most people give up. It's seriously hard to teach your brain something new, to create a new lifestyle. But you can do this. 

My secret weapon in stage 4 is coaching. I coach you like crazy and teach you how to coach yourself like crazy. 

I'm not gonna lie though, you'll need serious commitment and motivation to get through stage 4. 

But when you do, you'll be amazed at how you feel. A "switch" sort of changes in your brain. And following your weight loss action plan, your new lifestyle, will feel so much easier afterwards.

Your weight loss action plan will become your new lifestyle.

When you reach this stage, you'll genuinely want to follow your plan. It'll feel so much easier. And deep inside of you, you'll know, without a doubt, that you'll reach your weight loss goal. It's just a matter of time now. 

I've got some advanced coaching tools to teach you in stage 5 that you can use for the rest of your life. These tools will help you maintain your weight once you've reached your goal weight. And you can apply these tools to many other areas of your life that you may want to change, too.

You'll focus more on your future and less on food and weight loss.

This stage might feel bitter sweet. Some people experience an identify shift here. You'll basically be saying goodbye to "the old you" and hello to "the new you." It can be an interesting process. 

But one thing emerges during this stage that puts the cherry on top of everything. And it's this...

You'll dust off your old goals and dreams and start to think about them again. Or you might discover a new one. You'll start to focus on whatever that next goal is and you'll feel inspired to go after it. 

I'll guide you through stage 6. And once it's complete, you'll likely have a new goal for yourself. Maybe start your own business? Or go back to school? Or get a new job?

Do you already know what your next goal will be after you conquer weight loss?

I love stage 6 and I know you will too.

(Fun small print) This program focuses on your weight loss goals but most people get additional benefits. Common byproducts of this program include emotional balance, improved self-confidence, and a clear direction for the future.

What's Included In The Coaching Program


We'll work together via Zoom to unlock the answers within you as we work our way through The 6 Stages Of Losing Weight.

Notes & Worksheets

These awesome little tools will help you apply everything you learn to your life. Because taking action is where it's at.

Email Support

Unlimited email support in between coaching sessions. Your coach will be just a quick email away.

Apply For A Free Consultation

It all starts here. Answer a few questions and hit submit. Applying for a free consultation is the first step towards finding out for sure if this program is right for you or not. And if you decide it's not a fit for you, I'll point you in a more compatible direction.

The Process

For all the process-types out there (like me!), here's a high level overview of the process beginning right now:

Apply For Consultation

Start by applying for a free consultation. I will personally review your information and contact you within 48 hours (M-F).


Free Consultation

You'll meet with me on Zoom to talk about your goals and the coaching program. Bring your questions! At the end of the consultation, you'll make your decision. 

Coaching Program

You'll learn everything you need to know to lose weight (minimal willpower necessary) and create the future you want.


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